Discover the Lowest Cost of Ownership With Wascomat Tough Plus

When it comes to choosing commercial laundry equipment, many new investors will focus on the upfront price tag. Failing to consider the real expense of a washer or dryer over the course of its lifespan, however, can end up costing your business in high utilities, maintenance, and ultimately, replacement costs. The best way to protect your profits and enable your laundromat to thrive is to invest in an equipment solution guaranteed to deliver long-term success.

What is Tough Plus?

Tough Plus is Wascomat’s exclusive new program, designed to offer the lowest cost of ownership to laundromat entrepreneurs who want to build true success. Let’s explore how Wascomat can help grow your laundromat business today!

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Outlast the competition, year after year

Wascomat’s durable construction and powerful engineering continually outperform other equipment brands, resulting in less downtime with minimal maintenance and replacement costs. With some washers and dryers known to still be operating after 30 years, it’s no wonder that Wascomat has been known as the most trusted commercial laundry brand in America since the 1950s.

  • SuperBalance engineering stabilizes the washer during the spin cycle for longer equipment life.
  • Robust steel doors and heavy-duty bearings withstand years of demanding laundry environments.
  • Superior manufacturing and the best warranty in the industry offer more peace of mind and minimize maintenance costs.
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Uncover your laundromat’s hidden profit-potential

What is total cost of ownership?

Total cost of ownership refers to the true price of your washers and dryers throughout their lifespan. Wascomat Tough Plus offers the lowest possible cost of ownership – with fewer operating and maintenance costs, extended equipment lifespan, the industry’s best warranty, and flexible financing offering low monthly repayments, you can enable your profits to grow and build a stronger business.

Packed with revenue-boosting capabilities and lower running costs than the competition, a Tough Plus laundromat enables you to build greater profitability and long-term success.

  • Increase revenue and customer loyalty with Compass Pro’s custom programming and user-friendly controls.
  • Achieve lower utility bills with Automatic Savings, the Flat Drain Valve, Eco-Power, and Reverse Dry.
  • Target running costs even further by using Compass Pro to control important functions like water temperature and the number of rinse cycles.
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Achieve your laundromat goals with expert financing

Wascomat’s exclusive financing packages help entrepreneurs fund their dream laundromat projects more easily. With low monthly repayments and a fast application process, you can start growing your business from day one.

  • 12-year terms and low fixed rates offer lower monthly repayments
  • Flexible solutions tailored to your needs
  • 24-hour express approvals
  • 65+ years of industry expertise

Get pre-approved today and see how much you can qualify for!

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Stay ahead of the curve with Wascomat’s complete business solutions

When you invest in a Tough Plus laundromat, you get access to a wide range of Laundrylux’s industry-leading business solutions to help take your business further. With decades of experience transforming first-time investors into multi-store millionaires, we’ve got all the tools you need to succeed.

  • Discover your perfect location with our coast-to-coast network of laundromat real estate specialists.
  • Build your laundromat brand and spread the word about your business with our complimentary marketing packages, specializing in logo and website design, in-store signage, print marketing, and more.
  • Get full equipment training and around-the-clock technical support from our nationwide team of Wascomat equipment specialists.

“Wascomat is built on the foundations of reliability and durability. For over 65 years, it’s been America’s most trusted commercial laundry brand, helping laundromat owners build strong, dependable incomes across multiple stores. With Tough Plus, I’m excited to help more and more store owners achieve the lowest possible cost of ownership, grow their bottom line, and reach their business goals.”

— Aubrey POLLESCH, Director of Wascomat Sales at Laundrylux

4 secrets to boosting your laundromat business with Wascomat Tough Plus

  1. Achieve the lowest possible cost of ownership and grow a stronger, more profitable laundry business.
  2. Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with Compass Pro’s custom programming and easy-to-use controls.
  3. Turn your laundromat dreams into reality with flexible financing packages offering lower monthly repayments.
  4. Stay ahead of the competition with Wascomat’s complete business solutions including laundromat marketing, location and demographic analysis, and technical support.