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Laundrylux is the North American supplier of Electrolux Professional & Wascomat equipment for Laundromats, Coin Laundries & On-Premises Laundries. From financing to repairs, Laundrylux provides a comprehensive set of services to help with all elements of commercial laundry.

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Partner With The Family Who Built The Industry

Established in 1955, Laundrylux supports commercial laundry distributors and laundromat owners throughout the United States and Canada with the best commercial laundry equipment, laundry business solutions, financial support, and marketing services in the industry. Laundrylux supplies coin laundry equipment to laundromats and multi-housing projects with industrial-strength machines that are designed to enhance the customer experience, lower utilities, & increase profitability.

We also supply on-premises laundry (OPL) equipment for businesses both big and small. Our commercial washing machines, dryers, ironers, and wet cleaning equipment support industrial in-house laundry operations, from hotel laundry and hospital laundry to nursing homes, long-term care facilities, country clubs, salons, veterinarians, restaurants, schools, prisons, dairy farms, firehouses, and all other business facilities that need the ability to do laundry in-house.

Our Company History

Today, Laundrylux owns a unique and powerful family of brands and is the North American Marketing arm for Electrolux which sells more than 60 million products in 150 countries every year. Learn how it all began over 60 years ago.

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Laundrylux Leadership Team

Our management team is comprised of business, financing, and sales executives committed to challenging the status quo of the commercial laundry business.

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