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Commercial laundry systems are typically a long-term investment that can impact businesses for years. That’s why, when choosing commercial laundry equipment for your business, understanding which combination of washers and dryers work best with one another is essential for making an educated investment.

By relying on laundry system expertise from seasoned industry experts like Laundrylux, businesses can make educated investments that save time, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

Laundrylux creates optimized commercial laundry systems for laundromats and on-premise laundry operations across various industries. We leverage over 60 years of laundry industry expertise to recommend the best combination of washers, dryers, and ancillary commercial laundry equipment for high performing, cost-lowering laundry systems.

We build and maintain optimized laundry systems for:

  • New laundromat investors;
  • Laundromat business owners and multi-store franchises;
  • On-premise laundry operations (hotels, hospitals, restaurants, spas, gyms, etc.);
  • Multi-housing buildings (apartment buildings, college dormitories, retirement communities, etc.)

Want to maximize the performance of your laundry system? Know your options and make an informed decision by contacting our laundry experts for a free consultation.

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Unique Features & Benefits of A Laundrylux Laundry System
Auto Savings
Lower Water Consumption by Over 30%. Use the Only the Water Needed Based on Load Weight
Power Balance
Decrease in Drying Times Which Leads to Lower Energy Consumption.
Smart Dosing
Calculate the Right Amount of Detergent Needed for Best Wash results.

What is a Commercial Laundry System? 

A commercial laundry system is a combination of commercial washers, dryers, and other ancillary equipment. Each part of the system works to clean and dry fabrics of larger quantities and higher frequencies than typical domestic machines. Laundrylux recommends the best combinations of commercial laundry equipment to help businesses maximize the performance of their laundry system while keeping costs low.

The Complete Laundry System

The washing, extraction, and drying phases are fundamental to a complete laundry system, but not all combinations of equipment are built to achieve the same results. Laundrylux works to optimize performance and reduce costs at each stage of a complete laundry system. Here’s how:

1. Wash

During the washing phase, Laundrylux professional washers lower water consumption by 30% or more with Automatic Water Savings (AWS). This technology measures the weight of the load to add precisely the right amount of water needed, reducing waste and utility costs.

2. Extract

Extraction is an essential and understated part of the drying process that happens within a washing machine. Using High Spin 450 G-force extraction, Electrolux washers can accelerate the removal of water from fabrics. Efficient extraction leads to a significant decrease in drying times, which contributes to business benefits like lower gas and electricity consumption, faster turnaround times, and increased capacity for additional loads per day.

3. Dry

When it comes to dryers, Laundrylux commercial dryers help increase linen life and drive significant energy savings with Residual Moisture Control (RMC). This feature automatically stops the dryer when the exact pre-set moisture level is reached, helping reduce energy usage while preventing heat damage.

Managing Your Laundry System with LaundryPulse

LaundryPulse is an application designed to simplify laundry system management for business owners, operations managers, and property managers. Gain powerful real-time data into equipment performance and utility usage to help make informed decisions for your business, no matter where you are located.

With LaundryPulse, businesses can:

    • Manage successful, profitable laundry systems without the obligation of being on-site;
    • Save on operating costs by programming machines remotely;
    • Receive text notifications as soon as a machine experiences any issues or errors;
    • Let stores run unattended with confidence and remote visibility.
    • Modernize the laundry experience for customers. Let them view machine availability, pay through their smartphone, and receive a notification when their wash cycle is complete.

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About Laundrylux

Laundrylux has driven innovation in laundry for generations, continuously working to improve business outcomes while steering the laundry industry into the future with cutting-edge technology. Our expansive line of products and services are designed to maximize ROI for new and existing laundry operations while simplifying processes for streamlined operations.


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