Save 40% Off Your Energy Bill and Grow Your Business With Wascomat Dryers

Wascomat dryers are packed with pioneering engineering features that help laundromat owners and businesses with on-site laundry rooms lower their utility bills, boost productivity, and increase their bottom line. With faster drying times, better linen care, and a range of capacities to suit your requirements, Wascomat has everything you need to achieve laundry success. Let’s look at some of the features of these dryers that can help you grow your business today.

A photo of a Wascomat single-pocket dryer at a 3/4 angle on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "Eco Power".

Eco Power

Eco Power, also known as Auto Stop in our on-premises equipment, is a feature found in Wascomat dryers that offers laundry owners lower energy bills and better drying results. A smart sensor in the drum detects when the laundry is perfectly dry and automatically lowers the temperature inside, eliminating energy waste and protecting laundry from overheating.

  • Saves up to 15% off your energy bill.
  • Extends linen and garment life by preventing damage caused by over-exposure to high temperatures.
  • Helps achieve more customer satisfaction by delivering fewer wrinkles and better laundry care.
Header image. A photo of a Wascomat stack dryer on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "reverse dry and axial airflow"

Reverse Dry and Axial Airflow

Wascomat dryers are equipped with Reverse Dry and Axial Airflow engineering, which provides laundry businesses with lower energy costs, faster drying times, and a better customer experience.

  • Cuts energy costs by a further 25%.
  • Offers better laundry results by preventing tangling, wear and tear, and wet spots on larger items like comforters.
  • Delivers a faster throughput – resulting in higher customer satisfaction, while enabling your business to complete more turns per day to maximize revenue at peak times.
Header image. A photo of a Wascomat stack dryer at a 3/4 angle on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "Compass Pro dryer controls".

Compass Pro controls

Compass Pro is Wascomat’s user-friendly control panel that enables laundry operators to easily create custom drying programs that boost revenue, laundry results, and customer loyalty.

  • Achieve more customer loyalty and better linen care by creating custom drying programs tailored to specific laundry needs.
  • Dual-language display and simple button controls offer a better user experience – especially for customers in bilingual neighborhoods and businesses with multi-language laundry teams.
  • Maximize laundromat revenue by creating special pricing for custom program upgrades

Learn more about optimizing your business with Compass Pro controls!

A photo of a Wascomat single-pocket dryer on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "residual moisture control".

Residual Moisture Control

Wascomat single-pocket dryers enable on-premises laundry operators to achieve precise moisture control which helps prevent static, wrinkles, and lint buildup. RMC works best for linens that require a small amount of remaining moisture to allow for further processing with pressing equipment. By preventing over-drying with Wascomat dryers, your business can benefit from:

  • Lower replacement costs for sheets, towels, and tablecloths
  • Less labor in pressing and finishing
  • Better energy savings
Header image. A photo of a Wascomat single-pocket dryer and a Wascomat stack dryer side-by-side. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "better capacity choice"

Better capacity choice

Wascomat dryers come in a range of single-pocket and stacked units with capacities of up to 83 lbs. Whether you run a laundromat or an on-premises laundry room, these dryers offer more options to suit the needs of your business.

Single pocket dryers

Wascomat single pocket dryers are available in these specially-engineered capacities:

  • 35 lbs. for smaller loads
  • 67 lbs. for everyday family loads
  • 83 lbs. for larger loads and bulky items like comforters and drapes

Many on-premises laundry operators prefer our large-capacity capacity equipment as it enables them to speed up laundry room efficiency and easily process oversized items. On the other hand, most laundromats will opt for a range of equipment sizes to suit the needs of all their customers. It’s also a good idea to balance both sides of your store with equal washer and dryer capacities to prevent crowding and create a better flow of customer traffic.

Stacked dryers

Wascomat stacked dryers are available in 2 x 35 lbs. and 2 x 50 lbs. capacity sizes. These are often preferred by laundromat owners who wish to optimize floor space and maximize the throughput and profitability of their store during peak times.

5 ways Wascomat dryers can help your business build long-term success

  1. Save 40% off your energy bill with Eco Power, Reverse Dry, and Axial Airflow.
  2. Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with Compass Pro’s user-friendly controls and custom dry programs.
  3. Achieve faster drying times and maximize peak time revenue.
  4. Choose from a range of dryer capacities and configurations to optimize your laundry space.
  5. Pair with Wascomat washers to achieve unbeatable reliability and better lifetime cost of ownership.