How to Choose the Best Washers and Dryers for Your Laundromat

When you start your journey to opening a laundromat business, one of the most important things to get right is your commercial laundry equipment. Once you’ve found the perfect location for your store, you need to choose washers and dryers that will meet your customers’ needs, keep running costs as low as possible, and help grow your bottom line. With so many choices out there, how do you find the best equipment that fits your budget while helping your business thrive? The right answer will depend on a number of factors, so let’s explore some of them below!

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4 things to consider when choosing your laundromat’s washers and dryers

  1. Customer experience
  2. Location and neighborhood demographics
  3. Profitability
  4. Lifetime cost of ownership
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Customer experience

Running a successful laundromat business is about offering your customers the best possible service that encourages them to visit frequently and choose your store over any other in town. One of the easiest ways to do this is to equip your store with user-friendly washers and dryers that clean their laundry better and faster than anywhere else. If you want to beat the competition, your equipment should offer:

Fast laundry times

No matter how inviting your laundromat is, the majority of customers will want to complete their laundry as quickly as possible so they can carry on with their day. If you can offer them faster laundry times than other nearby laundromats, they’ll pick your store over the competition again and again. High spin washers can deliver a wash and dry cycle in as little as 45 minutes!

Custom programming

Washers and dryers equipped with custom programming make it easier for customers to quickly choose the right laundry cycles for their specific needs and achieve the best possible results. With user-friendly control panels like Clarus Vibe and Compass Pro, you can easily attract more customers to your door and generate greater revenue.

Incredible laundry results

High spin washers remove more dirt and soap residue from the load, resulting in a deeper clean and laundry that looks and feels new. Electrolux Professional and Wascomat dryers also deliver fewer wrinkles, better garment protection, and a perfectly even dry for larger items.

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Location and neighborhood demographics

Another important factor to consider when choosing your equipment mix is your store’s location and neighborhood demographics. The average family size, median income, and nearby businesses will not only help you to determine what custom programs or extra laundry services you can offer (like wash and fold or commercial laundry) but also what equipment capacities will work best for your store.

Most laundromat owners choose a range of washer and dryer sizes to meet the needs of their customers; small capacities for daily loads, medium for average family loads, and large capacities for bigger households and oversized items like comforters. Electrolux Professional and Wascomat equipment comes in a range of capacities from 18-80 lbs. with stacked and single-unit configurations to suit your profitability goals and store size.

Top tip! Placing washers and dryers of equal capacities at either end of your laundromat will enhance your store layout, prevent crowding and create a better traffic flow for your customers.

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The key to running a successful laundromat is to generate the highest revenue possible while keeping your running costs to a minimum. Your washers and dryers should be designed with features that boost your income, protect your profits from high utility bills, and enable your business to grow.

Maximizing your revenue

A great location, laundromat marketing, and an easy payment system can all work towards attracting a loyal customer base and generating a steady stream of income for your business. But to maximize your earnings, you should look for commercial laundry equipment that can take your revenue even higher.

  • Serve more customers during peak times with high spin washers and reversing dryers delivering a faster throughput.
  • Charge premium pricing for special cycles and custom programs.
  • Create happy hour promotions to increase customer traffic on quieter days.
  • Beat the competition by offering quicker cycle times and better laundry results.

Minimizing your running costs

Water savings
Features like Automatic Savings and the Flat Drain Valve found in premium Electrolux Professional and Wascomat models can help your business save 50% off its water bill while delivering a deeper clean.

Gas and electricity savings
Eco Power, Reverse Dry and Axial Airflow featured in Electrolux Professional and Wascomat Dryers work together to cut energy bills by 40%, offering a perfect dry with fewer wrinkles and no wet spots on oversized items.

Did you know that high spin washers extract the most amount of water possible from the load, meaning that drying actually begins in the washer? This results in less time needed in the dryer, leading to lower energy bills! Discover why high spin is the future of the commercial laundry industry.

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Lifetime cost of ownership

When it comes to choosing commercial washers and dryers, many laundromat investors will look at the upfront cost first. However, ongoing expenses like utilities and maintenance can all add to the cost of the equipment over its lifespan, and some equipment brands are more reliable and offer a better lifetime cost of ownership than others.

Electrolux Professional and Wascomat are built with ultra-durable components, groundbreaking utility-saving features, and unique balancing technology that helps these washers and dryers last twice as long as our competitors’ equipment. If you want to achieve long-term profitability and sustainably grow your business, it’s best to choose commercial laundry equipment designed to do just that.

Questions to ask your Laundrylux equipment expert

  1. What equipment mix will help maximize my profitability?
  2. What washer and dryer capacities will meet customers’ needs in my location?
  3. What extraction speeds will lower my utilities and increase my revenue?
  4. What control panel and custom programming options will help me achieve my customer experience goals?
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“Choosing the right commercial laundry equipment can make or break your laundromat business. Washers and dryers that offer a better customer experience than your competition, provide you with opportunities to generate extra revenue, and work hard to keep running costs down are a major factor to succeeding in the industry.”

— Ernesto Rodriguez, Sr. Director of Product & Technical Learning at Laundrylux

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Our top equipment picks for all goals and budgets

Best profit-booster

A photo of an Electrolux Professional washer with Clarus Vibe controls.

Electrolux Professional 450G EUD washer with Clarus Vibes controls

If you want to achieve the fastest laundry times, lowest utility costs, and highest profitability, then look no further. Designed with the most advanced technology in the industry to offer store owners the best possible ROI and customer experience, this washer is guaranteed to take your laundromat to the next level.

  • Get unmatched customer satisfaction with Clarus Vibe’s intuitive touchscreen controls, 192 customizable wash programs, and a wash and dry of under 45 minutes.
  • Earn 8% more revenue than the competition annually with profit-boosting cycle upgrades and a faster throughput enabling you to serve more happy customers at weekends and peak hours.
  • Achieve 14% lower operating costs with industry-leading water and energy-saving technology and watch your profits soar.

Discover Next Level Laundry, Laundrylux’s exclusive program guaranteed to boost your profitability like nothing else! Connect with us today to calculate your retool profit potential when you upgrade your business to Electrolux Professional. Contact us today to calculate your retool profit potential when you upgrade your business to Electrolux Professional.

Most trusted washer and dryer pairing

A photo of a Wascomat washer.
A photo of a Wascomat stack dryer.

Wascomat 130G WQD washer and Wascomat high efficiency reversing dryer

If you’re looking for commercial laundry equipment that provides unbeatable reliability and durability, enabling you to build long-term success, then this is the choice for you. Wascomat’s tough construction and modern engineering have outlasted competing brands for over 65 years, offering laundromat owners longer equipment life and a lower total cost of ownership that helps them grow their business.

  • Achieve lower running costs with Wascomat’s incredible energy and water-saving solutions.
  • Boost revenue and customer satisfaction with Compass Pro’s custom wash and dry programs.
  • Get better laundry results with dryers that come ready with all the additional options of Electrolux Professional – for business owners who want to go the extra mile.

Discover Tough Plus, Wascomat’s exclusive solution that helps you achieve a lower total cost of ownership and higher profitability! Connect with an expert today to learn more about upgrading your business to Wascomat.

Best budget-friendly space-saver

A photo of an Encore Pro stacked washer and dryer.

Encore Pro stacked washer and dryer

Looking to retool your laundromat with limited free space or a smaller budget? Encore Pro is the perfect semi-professional equipment solution that enables business owners to maximize their store without breaking the bank. This stacked washer and dryer unit is also great for hybrid laundry businesses – boost your retail or hospitality space and give customers the added convenience of self-service laundry.

  • Built with pro-grade components for a trouble-free performance at 15,000+ cycles and 3 X more reliability than residential appliances.
  • Boost revenue and customer satisfaction with cycle upgrades, simple controls, and compatibility with all major cashless payment options.
  • Optimize every inch of your business with Encore Pro’s stacked space-saving dimensions and easy soft-mount installation on any floor type.

Contact us today to learn more about upgrading to Encore Pro and maximizing your store’s footprint!

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