Boosting Your Laundromat With Wascomat’s Compass Pro Controls

Compass Pro is Wascomat’s classic revenue generator that enables laundry business owners to increase customer satisfaction and target expensive utility costs. With its user-friendly one-knob design and up to 25 customizable wash and dry programs, Compass Pro is loved by laundry owners across America. Let’s look at some of the ways you can maximize the power of Compass Pro to get the most out of your laundry business.

  1. Build a loyal customer base
  2. Increase laundry revenue
  3. Combat rising utility expenses

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A photo of a South East Asian family smiling. The mother and father are giving their two children piggybacks. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "1: build a loyal customer base"

Build a loyal customer base

Compass Pro is packed with features that allow you to gain and retain more satisfied customers. The single-knob construction makes it easy for users to quickly scroll and select their favorite custom programs, and with 3 different languages and a dual-language display, you can offer a better experience to customers in bilingual neighborhoods. Stay ahead of the competition and keep them coming back week after week.

Compass Pro custom wash programs

Customized wash programs enable laundromat owners to meet the specific needs of their customers and deliver a superior laundry service. Think about the kinds of people living in your neighborhood – are there particular laundry needs that aren’t being met by other businesses in the area? Why not try out some examples below?

  • Horse Blanket cycle for areas with lots of nearby ranches.
  • Dog Bed cycle for neighborhoods with adoring dog owners.
  • Beach Wear for busy coastal towns.

Compass Pro custom dry programs

Custom dry programs can help your customers process larger items and protect their favorite garments during the drying process. Create programs that would appeal most to the customers in your area.

  • Comforters – Wascomat’s Reversing Cylinders prevent balling and wet spots, allowing larger items to dry more quickly and evenly.
  • Gym Clothes – fabrics like spandex and lycra are best dried at low temperatures. Wascomat’s EcoPower engineering senses when garments are dry and automatically lowers the temperature in the dryer, eliminating damage caused by overheating.
  • Ski Wear – if your laundromat is located close to a ski resort, why not create a program to process bulky ski jackets and pants?
A photo of a white Wascomat washer with Compass Pro controls with its door open. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "2: increase laundry revenue"

Increase laundry revenue

Compass Pro enables laundromat owners to set custom pricing straight from their Wascomat equipment without external management software. Attract more customers with custom wash and dry programs and earn more store revenue by adjusting pricing according to your business needs.

  • Create premium pricing for custom program upgrades.
  • Set time-of-day pricing and earn more during your busiest days.
  • Create special promotions for your slowest hours and get more customers through the door.
A photo of a stainless steel Wascomat washer with Compass Pro controls on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "3: combat rising utility expenses"

Combat rising utility expenses

Compass Pro allows you to target expensive utility costs by adjusting the settings of your wash and dry programs.

  • Set the correct water levels for your wash programs to avoid unnecessary wastage.
  • Lowering the temperatures of your wash and dry cycles by a few degrees can help save on gas and electricity and eliminate damage caused to garments by overheating.
  • By adjusting the number of rinse cycles in your wash programs, you can reduce water and energy consumption and offer your customers a faster wash.

How can Compass Pro help you build a successful laundry business?

  1. Attract more regular customers with custom programs that take better care of their laundry.
  2. Increase store revenue with time-of-day pricing, special promotions, and premium pricing for custom program upgrades.
  3. Target your business’s utility costs by adjusting temperatures, water levels, and the number of rinse cycles in your washer.