Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Professional Laundry Systems

Our professional laundry systems combine superior engineering and design to create durable, long-lasting products. The drying process starts in the washer to decrease gas consumption and minimize dry time.

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The Complete Laundry System

Our machines are built to work together as complete laundry systems that provide the highest energy, time, and money savings at every stage in the industrial and coin-op laundry processes.


During the wash cycle, our professional washers lower water consumption by 30% or more. Automatic Savings (AS) determines the weight of the load and adds precisely the right amount of water to help you save.


By removing moisture in the washer with ENERGY STAR® certified High Spin 450 G-force Extraction, clothes require much less time in the dryer which lowers gas consumption. Not only does the environment benefit, but so does your energy bill.


Experience longer linen life and significant energy savings with Residual Moisture Control (RMC). This feature automatically stops the dryer when the exact pre-set moisture level is reached, giving clothes a proper finish.

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Explore Semi-Professional Equipment

Looking for industrial-strength durability and performance without the industrial price tag? Learn about our semi-professional line of laundry equipment.

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Automatic Savings (AS)

Automatic Water Savings determines the exact weight of the load and adds precisely the correct amount of water for best results. Other brands of washing machines just fill the water to the same level, no matter how much laundry is in the machine. And, since it is estimated that up to 70% of laundry is under-loaded – that wastes a tremendous amount of water, energy, and money. With AS you’ll see water savings up to 50%, as well as energy savings because there’s less water to heat.

High Spin 450 G-force Extraction

Gain faster drying time and lower gas consumption with 450 G-force extraction. Soft-mount technology for easy installation on wood floors, upper floors, and over basements. Laundries benefit from faster throughput which translates to great customer turns and profits.

Residual Moisture Control (RMC)

Our fully-automatic Residual Moisture Control (RMC) system prevents damage to garments caused by over-drying. It also reduces lint and wrinkles by automatically stopping the dryer when the exact pre-set moisture level is reached. The amount of residual moisture in the fabric is important for proper finishing.