Looking For A New Business Opportunity With High ROI?

Laundrylux is a trusted partner for small business investors looking for a new opportunity that offers high success rates, an excellent return on investment, and flexible work-life balance. Download our eBook to determine if the coin laundry business is right for you.

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Simplifying The Process of Opening a Laundromat

Laundrylux has successfully launched the careers of thousands of laundromat investors and entrepreneurs since 1955. Our dedicated team of experts help new laundromat investors manage the entire process of building their first laundromat.

With Laundrylux, investors gain access to dedicated teams of experts to strategically grow and expand their investment - the sky’s the limit!

  • Avoid burdensome third-party loans with our private in-house laundry equipment financing service. We offer less paperwork, faster approval processes, and flexible rates that work for you.
  • Laundromat real estate, construction, and design services ensure that you find the perfect location and that the space is managed efficiently.
  • Delight customers with world-class energy-efficient washers and dryers that reduce utility costs and increase your capacity for more customers.
  • Professional creative marketing services are available to help promote your laundromat and attract new customers.

Laundrylux gave me a blueprint to success. Laundrylux financing and marketing support helped me through the entire process. There is no comparison. What I appreciated the most, is that this was a complete process, as compared to other brands that simply wanted to sell me equipment.

Jack Lanning  |  In & Out Laundromat, Lowell, MA

Services to Accelerate Your Time to Market

Open your new laundromat quickly and maximize returns on investment with our full suite of business solutions.


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Is The Coin Laundry Business Right For You?

The coin laundry business is an excellent option for anyone looking to build a steady, profitable business to run for many years and pass on to future generations.

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Laundrylux is closely monitoring all updates provided by the CDC and other public health agencies following the recent coronavirus outbreak. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the community at large is our top priority in these critical times. Many major cities, counties, and states across the country have declared laundromats an “essential service” to ensure that communities have access to laundry facilities.

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