What Is Commercial Laundry?

Commercial laundry facilities are intended for the high-volume and high-frequency washing and drying of fabrics, requiring higher performance laundry equipment than those typically used by household consumers.

Commercial laundry equipment is commonly used by:

  • Laundromats to service the general public
  • Businesses with on-premises laundry operations
  • Multi-housing buildings to service building tenants

At Laundrylux, we have provided top-performing commercial laundry equipment and solutions for laundromats, on-premises operations, and multi-housing buildings for over 60 years. We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we’ve built with our partners, providing laundry solutions for every stage of their business growth over the years.

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"Laundrylux gave me a blueprint to success. Laundrylux financing and marketing support helped me through the entire process. There is no comparison. What I appreciated the most, is that this was a complete process, as compared to other brands that simply wanted to sell me equipment.”

Jack Lanning  |  In & Out Laundromat

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Commercial Laundry Equipment for Laundromats

Whether opening a laundromat or upgrading existing equipment, investing in quality washers and dryers is key to business success. The best commercial laundry equipment for laundromat businesses are able to maintain low utility costs while increasing laundromat efficiency.

Laundrylux offers the best coin-operated washers and dryers, designed to help laundromat owners deliver great service while keeping utilities to a minimum with energy and water-efficient technologies packed into every machine. Features like high G-force spin allow for superior water extraction, dramatically cutting dryer times. That means laundry can be washed and dried in under an hour and, in turn, open machines for more customers quicker.

multi-housing laundry room equipment

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Multi-Housing Building

Buying or upgrading commercial laundry equipment can be nerve-wracking considering the many costs. Laundrylux simplifies this experience of investing in new equipment and continuously innovates to meet the needs and challenges of our partners and their customers.

Multi-housing buildings including residential and campus facilities can create additional streams of revenue by investing in commercial laundry equipment. Rather than have residents pay more for outside laundry services, buildings can provide added convenience and attract new residents with self-service laundry rooms as a value-added amenity. These multi-housing laundry rooms are simple to maintain and can often run autonomously to minimize costs.

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Partnering With A Commercial Laundry Equipment Supplier

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