Simplifying Every Element of the Laundry Industry

From financing to repairs, Laundrylux provides a comprehensive set of services to help anyone in the laundry business earn a greater return on their investment.

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Maximize Your ROI

The experts at Laundrylux can help with all elements of starting and operating a laundromat, acquiring machines for a commercial or multi-housing environment, and much more.


In-house financing services remove complex credit barriers for faster approvals and better rates than third-party lenders. Learn More

Real Estate

Strategic real estate services help laundromat owners find and select the best locations to start and expand their business. Learn More

Equipment Rental

Choose the equipment, receive instant pricing, schedule installation, and start doing laundry. It’s as simple as that. Learn More

Laundry Management Software

Remotely monitor and manage laundry equipment with the LaundryPulse app for increased savings and informed decisions. Learn More


Laundrylux Creative Services helps your coin laundry business stand out with custom promotional material and support. Learn More

Repair & Maintenance

Our Support & Technical Care team assists with everything from routine maintenance to onsite repairs and installations. Learn More

Replacement Parts

Purchase authentic replacement parts to extend the life and safe operation of your commercial laundry equipment investments. Learn More

Laundrylux wasn’t just trying to sell the equipment like a lot of their competitors were. They offered a full set of services including marketing and design, financing, and the best equipment on the market.

Whitfield Gray III  |  AnyTime Laundry

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Is the Coin Laundry Business Right For You?

The coin laundry business is an excellent option for anyone looking to build a steady, profitable business to run for many years and pass on to future generations.

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Laundrylux is closely monitoring all updates provided by the CDC and other public health agencies following the recent coronavirus outbreak. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the community at large is our top priority in these critical times. Many major cities, counties, and states across the country have declared laundromats an “essential service” to ensure that communities have access to laundry facilities.

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