The Inside Scoop on Soft-Mount Washers

When evaluating different types of commercial washers, it’s important to examine the short and long term value of your investment. Whether building new or retooling an existing location, the mix of equipment will directly impact your bottom line. To help laundromat owners make informed decisions, Laundrylux presents the following information with key facts to consider.

How do soft-mount washers differ from solid-mount washers?

Soft-mount washers are equipped with a specialized suspension system that isolates the drum from the frame to absorb vibration. Robust coil springs ensure efficient dissipation of force eliminating unbalanced loads. Soft-mounts reach speeds up to 450 G-force for extended durations, far surpassing the capabilities of hard-mount washers.

What are the major benefits of soft-mount washers?

Soft-mounts excel at extracting more water from the load so clothes spend less time in the dryer. The result is lower utility costs for operators and faster cycle times for customers. Another advantage is installation flexibility. Unlike hard-mount machines, soft-mounts do not require a reinforced steel or concrete pad so they can be placed on any floor type or level including over basements.

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I heard soft-mounts are super expensive. Why should I spend more?

In most instances, soft-mount washers cost 25-35% more compared to similarly sized hard-mount washers. However, it’s important to keep in mind the lifetime cost of owning equipment is more than just the upfront sticker price. You also need to factor in recurring expenses such as utility inputs (water, sewer, gas and electricity) as well as service calls and repairs. Soft-mount washers are proven to be a better investment over the long haul.

How can soft-mount washers reduce monthly utility expenses?

The secret of soft-mounts is the ability to extract more moisture during the final spin. The amount of water that remains in clothing following a wash cycle directly correlates to how long it takes to dry. Less dry time equals a huge reduction in energy use, saving up to 25% on gas costs.

“Laundrylux recently conducted real-world testing that proves soft-mounts extract significantly more water compared to other brands of 100G and 200G hard-mount washers. It’s a win-win for customers and your bottom line.”

— Andy Northup, Director, National Sales Development at Laundrylux

Why choose soft-mount washers from Laundrylux?

When you invest in high-spin washers, you get superior performance plus a whole lot more. Our team of experts can take your business to the next level by providing professional marketing services to attract new customers and smart financing solutions with easy low monthly payments. Laundrylux is a true partner focused on your business success.

What makes soft-mount washers the right choice for my business?

As the laundromat industry continues to evolve, it is becoming more competitive every day. Choosing soft-mount machines can differentiate your location by offering second-to-none cleaning that translates to loyal customers for life. The exclusive presence of soft-mount washers can even help deter potential investors seeking to poach your clientele from even thinking about setting up shop near your business.

“Laundrylux has been at the forefront of innovation in the self-service laundry industry for almost seven decades. Our commitment to superior product design and support guarantees laundromat owners can invest in our products with utmost confidence.”

— Jason Fleck, Vice President of Vended Sales, Laundrylux

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