Semi-Professional Laundry Systems for Small Businesses

The Laundrylux semi-pro line of equipment provides industrial-strength durability and efficiency without the industrial price tag. Professional-grade components built within a compact frame make these machines ideal for laundromats, apartment buildings, hospitals, spas, gyms, and more.

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Highlighted Features

Our semi-professional machines are painstakingly built from the ground up with superior design, engineering, and professional-grade components. The end result is a line of machines built to endure 15,000 cycles, providing our customers with two to three times more value than the competition.

The level of quality that goes into our machines means that we provide a first-class user experience. Our advanced interface allows for a variety of languages, custom programs, and time-of-day promotional pricing.

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Option ButtonsBusinesses can increase revenue with flexible program pricing.

SKF BearingsSealed for maximum protection to prevent damage from moisture.

Solid Steel CounterweightsProvides additional strength to enhance the machine's longevity with steel, not concrete.

Professional 8-point SuspensionKeeps loads in balance and eliminates oversuds.

Front Access ServicabilityService machines faster with front access.

For a limited-time only, order this Encore bundle with 90 days deferred payment.

The Semi-Pro Upgrade $219/mo *

In anticipation of increased demands on laundromats due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Laundrylux is making it easier than ever to retool your store and are offering budget-conscious owners a huge upgrade on residential and top-loader models, these 4 x 22 lb. Encore washers deliver commercial-grade reliability with a residential price tag.

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  • Long Life
  • Large Capacity
  • Easy Install

Professional-Grade Componentry


A water-tight barrier around the drive shaft protects two commercial-grade cast iron bearings from damaging moisture. Because our competitors build their machines using aluminum bearings, they fail to last as long as our semi-professional equipment.


The robust 8-point suspension features advanced technology to keep loads in balance and eliminate oversuds. Premium counterweights are constructed of solid steel providing additional strength and enhancing the longevity of the machine. Most other commercial machines are built with 4-point suspension.


High-powered water extraction allows for significant moisture reduction before laundry enters the dryer. This results in faster dry time and lower gas consumption, helping you save money and time.

Discover Our Professional Line

Looking for higher-capacity equipment to be used in a demanding environment? Our professional equipment line is built to provide the highest energy, time, and money savings at every stage of the laundry process.

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Following weeks of temporary closure, many businesses are opening back up with new safety guidelines and Laundrylux wants to help during these difficult times. With payments as low as $219/month and 90-days deferred payment, see how our washers and dryers can protect you and your customers.

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* Does not include sales tax, installation or freight.

What's included in each equipment bundle?

2 x W5240H (Electrolux 60 lb. soft-mount 450G washers)
2 x W5240H (Electrolux 60 lb. soft-mount 450G washer); and
2 x  W5300H (Electrolux 75 lb. soft-mount 450G washers)
2 x  WLD745 (Wascomat 45 lb. solid-mount 100G washers)
4 x Encore 22 lb. soft mount washers