Laundry Management Software

Laundromat owners are empowered to manage their business from anywhere, while modernizing the laundromat experience for their customers and driving revenue.

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Maximize Revenue with LaundryPulse

  • Manage your business from the comfort of your home
  • Increase revenue with creative pricing strategies
  • Reduce shrinkage with coin tracking reports
  • Manage your wash and fold business without a coin jar

When we were building our first laundromat, we knew two things would be critical to our success: giving customers a cashless option and religiously tracking data. The software and support provided by Laundrylux has been able to give us that and more. LaundryPay and Pulse provide our customers with a high level of convenience while helping us maximize revenue. It's a win-win.

Beck Miller  |  2ULaundry

Manage Your Business with LaundryPulse

Run Your Business Remotely 24/7

Save on operating costs by programming your machines remotely, check their status, test new pricing strategies, and receive text alerts for any needed malfunctions or repairs.

View Real-time Revenue Reports

Get real-time feedback to track the success of your promotional pricing initiatives in the form of hourly, daily, and weekly statistics & reports. Make smart decisions to generate more revenue.

Enhance the Laundry Experience

The LaundryPay app lets customers view machine availability, pay using smartphones, and get notifications when their wash and dry cycles are complete. And owners avoid collecting coins!

Managing Your Self-Service Laundry Just Got Easier

Find out how you can gain a competitive advantage with real-time statistics, price and promotion control, text alerts, and much more. Modernize the laundry experience for your customers.

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