Investing in a Wascomat Laundry Business That’s Built to Last

The laundromat business is a recession-resistant industry that has enabled countless investors to build successful multi-store enterprises that can prosper for generations. When Bernie Milch founded Laundrylux in the 1950s with the first of many all-Wascomat laundromats in Manhattan, he couldn’t have dreamed that the family business would still be thriving nearly seven decades later. Wascomat’s distributor and maintenance networks are now bigger than ever – and with more store owners wanting to provide high-performance washers and dryers to their communities, there’s never been a better time to build a laundromat business that will last through the years.

Why invest in the laundry industry?

  • High ROI of 20-35%.
  • $5 billion industry.
  • High survival rate – 95% of new businesses still thrive after five years.
  • Recession-resistant and pandemic-proof.
  • Provides a meaningful and essential service.

3 ways Wascomat can help you build a successful laundry business

An image of a large Wascomat washing machine on a 3/4 angle. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "1: reliability"

1. Reliability

For over 65 years, Wascomat’s tough construction has outlasted the competition. These washers and dryers can provide years of outstanding performance, giving laundry owners the longevity needed to build a successful business.

  • Wascomat’s heavy-duty bearings, triple-sealed drain, and robust steel door withstand the demands of a harsh laundry environment.
  • Support Rollers improve stability and extend dryer lifespan.
  • Super Balance engineering reduces damage caused to washers by too much vibration, leading to lower maintenance costs and a longer life cycle.
An image of a Wascomat washing machine. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "2: utility savings"

2. Utility Savings

Wascomat’s energy and water-saving features enable laundry owners to build long-term profitability and ensure that hard-earned revenue isn’t lost to expensive running costs.

  • Automatic Savings* dramatically reduces water wastage and helps cut your bills in half.
  • Wascomat’s patented Flat Drain Valve minimizes wash times and saves laundry owners thousands of dollars each year.
  • Axial Airflow and Reversing Cylinders* deliver shorter drying times, fewer wrinkles, and reduce energy consumption by up to 25%.
  • Compass Pro allows laundry owners to easily control temperatures, water levels, and the number of rinse cycles to target utility costs more effectively.
An image of a laughing woman and her child. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "3: customer satisfaction"

3. Customer Satisfaction

Wascomat’s custom programs, shorter cycle times, and better garment care enable store owners to build a loyal customer base and boost their bottom line.

  • Compass Pro allows laundromat owners to increase footfall by programming up to 25 wash and dry cycles catered to their customers’ needs.
  • Automatic Savings* and the Flat Drain Valve reduce wash times, leading to a faster laundry experience.
  • Wascomat dryers shorten drying times and prevent tangling and wear and tear, extending the lifespan of customers’ favorite garments.

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* Available on select models — contact us to learn more!