Meet the Brand that Built Today’s American Laundromat Industry

For over 65 years, Wascomat has been outlasting and outperforming the competition. With its tough construction and leading-edge engineering, these washers and dryers have been trusted by laundry owners for generations as the tried and tested way to build a successful laundry business. But not many people know how Wascomat came to be the most trusted commercial laundry brand in North America.

  1. History
  2. Construction
  3. Reliability
  4. Utility Savings
  5. Customer Satisfaction

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From incredible beginnings to a household name

When the Swedish-American liner M/S Stockholm collided with the Andrea Doria off the coast of New York in 1956, a young mechanical engineer was hired to assess the laundry equipment onboard. After surviving World War II, Bernard Milch came to America from Eastern Europe and, as a born entrepreneur, started a business repairing and selling laundry equipment. When he drained the waterlogged washers, he was amazed to discover that they still worked! Bernard was so impressed by the robust construction and modern front-load design that he bought the equipment and installed a coin meter – transforming the American laundry industry forever. Coin-operated laundry equipment had existed before, but never with commercial-grade equipment that gave more reliability and longevity to laundry business owners.

Bernard purchased the marketing and distribution rights for the Swedish-made Wascator equipment and rebranded it as Wascomat for the American market. The first all-Wascomat laundromat opened in Manhattan in 1960, and more would soon be established in every major population center across the US. Bernard’s vision grew throughout the decades, turning Wascomat into a household name and the best-loved commercial laundry brand in America.

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Tough construction meets modern engineering

“The laundry environment is a very demanding one. But thankfully, year after year, my Wascomat washers perform, giving my customers a superior wash experience — and saving me money on my utility bills.”

— Steve Mendez, Laundromat Owner (Ocala, FL)
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With a heritage of strength and durability, Wascomat is known as the original workhorse of the American laundry industry. There are some Wascomat washers and dryers over 40 years old still operating in laundromats today!

  • Heavy-duty bearings are designed to outperform year after year.
  • Robust steel door construction for demanding laundry environments.
  • SuperBalance extends equipment life span.
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Utility Savings

Wascomat’s robust construction is combined with advanced engineering that helps laundry business owners target their utility bills and build stronger profits.

  • Automatic Savings weighs each load of laundry and calculates the precise amount of water needed for the best wash results. This can save you up to 50% off your next water bill!
  • The flat drain valve unique to Wascomat washers cuts “dead water” wastage by 97% compared to our competitors, saving you thousands of gallons of water every week.
  • Axial Airflow in Wascomat dryers allows you to save up to 25% on your energy bill and dry clothes 12% faster.
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Customer Satisfaction

Wascomat commercial laundry equipment comes packed with features that satisfy your customers and help grow your pocketbook.

  • Compass Pro allows you to create custom programs for your customers’ needs, giving them a better laundry experience while increasing your revenue.
  • Our high-spin washers and dryers enable your customers to complete their laundry in less time.

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