Store Spotlight: MegaWash

MegaWash is a multi-store laundromat business run by second-generation owner, Matthew Hylton. We caught up with him about the benefits of embracing the future of the industry by upgrading an outdated laundromat to a Next Level Laundry complete with high spin technology, touchscreen controls, and modern payment systems.

  • LOCATION: Gladstone, MO
  • SIZE: 3,000 sq. feet
    • Electrolux Professional EUD 450G Washers with Clarus Vibe Touchscreen
    • Electrolux Professional Large-capacity Dryers with Reversing Technology
    • Self-Service, Wash-and-Fold, Pick-up & Delivery
MegaWash owner Matthew Hylton speaks on his experience opening his laundromat and how Electrolux Professional helps him stand out against the competition.

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Offering an unbeatable customer experience

When starting his own multi-store laundromat business, Matthew drew on the knowledge and experience of his dad – a veteran laundry owner – but knew he wanted to invest in the industry’s latest technology to help him maximize profitability and stand out from the crowd.

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“Love this place! It’s clean and the machines are fast and efficient. I have a washer and two dryers, but it would take significantly longer to do laundry at home.”

— Cindy, MegaWash Customer

“About the second or third year in, I realized that I needed to do something a little bit different – I needed to be able to accept credit cards or to offer some kind of app pay. I had to differentiate myself from other stores and from my competition,” says Matthew.

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“I love that we don’t have to have a moneybag full of quarters –the app system is awesome!”

— JAMES, MegaWash Customer

MegaWash is now equipped with Electrolux Professional EUD 450G washers and high-efficiency reversing dryers. The LaundryPay app offers more convenience to customers, who also love the intuitive touchscreen controls, variety of custom cycle options, multiple languages, and easy front soap box. With customized in-store signage and instructions designed by Laundrylux’s marketing team, new customers can enjoy a seamless experience when using the equipment for the first time.

“We have an edge simply because of the ease of use of the machines,” says Matthew. “People really enjoy the touchscreen and having all the different wash options.”

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Delivering faster, better laundry results

The upgrade to a Next Level laundromat boosted business from day one. Matthew says, “I think it converted a lot of people immediately, once they saw the difference with the Electrolux Professional equipment.”

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“Started my four loads at 1:15 PM and was done by 2:05 PM. I was In and out so fast, allowing me to get my many other daily tasks completed. Love this place.”

— Serina, MegaWash Customer

MegaWash’s high spin washers now offer wash and dry times of under an hour with large equipment capacities that enable customers to complete large loads in one go. With Electrolux Professional 450G washers delivering a deeper clean, and high-efficiency reversing dryers providing better garment care, the store also offers better laundry results than anywhere else.

“I have so many more compliments here about how clean customers’ clothes come out smelling and feeling, and how quickly they can complete their laundry,” Matthew continues. “We get repeat customers coming in saying the store is amazing and far above and beyond all the competition.”

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Achieving lower running costs

Matthew has also noticed the utility-saving benefits of Electrolux Professional washer features, like Automatic Savings and the Ultra Flat Drain Valve, which saves him up to 50% off his water bills and offers customers a deeper clean and greener laundry option. “It drops the water to the appropriate levels, so your detergent and rinses are maximized, giving customers a better wash. It also gives me more profit-savings, so it’s a win-win situation.”

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“By far the best laundromat. They have machines that take care of not only your clothes but our planet. Washing machines weigh the clothes and only use the correct amount of water, and the dryers don’t bunch up your clothes or cause wrinkles.”

— Priscella, MegaWash Customer

With 450G high spin washers that significantly reduce drying times, MegaWash also benefits from better energy savings. Electrolux Professional dryer features, like Eco Power and Reverse Drying Cylinders, lower Matthew’s running costs further, enabling his profits to climb while delivering superior results for his customers.

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Reaching new levels of profitability

Upgrading to a Next Level Laundry has enabled MegaWash to maximize its profit potential. The faster throughput of Electrolux Professional 450G high spin technology means that the store can serve more customers during weekends and peak hours, increasing revenue and offering a faster laundry experience.

Clarus Vibe’s custom programming and extra cycle options have also enabled Matthew to upsell his equipment and boost his income. “Custom programs for things like sanitizing comforters has been a great game-changer,” he says.

Electrolux Professional’s industry-leading energy and water savings mean that Matthew’s profits can reach new heights as his business continues to grow into the future.

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3 keys to unlocking your laundromat’s potential with Electrolux Professional

  1. Offer a Next Level Laundry experience and generate more customer loyalty with faster laundry times, touchscreen controls, easy payment options, and better wash results.
  2. Achieve lower running costs with Automatic Savings, The Ultra Flat Drain Valve, Eco Power, and Reverse Dry.
  3. Maximize revenue with the fastest throughput in the industry and income-boosting custom programs that take your profits to the next level.