Everything You Need to Know About Electrolux Professional EUD Washers

Following years of development and testing, Laundrylux is proud to offer store owners the fastest commercial washer ever seen in the American laundromat industry. This breakthrough in speed enables laundry owners to effortlessly earn next-level revenue and stay leagues ahead of their competitors. Packed with features that please both customers — and your pocketbook — Electrolux Professional EUD washers will make your profits soar like never before.

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  1. High Spin Extraction: With a record-breaking speed of 450 G-force, these Ultra Dry washers enable store owners to achieve a faster throughput, higher profits, better utility savings, and greater customer satisfaction.
  2. Power Balance: Reap the benefits of high-speed extraction with every wash and keep maintenance and repair costs at bay.
  3. Ultra Flat Drain Valve: Save up to 1.5 gallons of dead water on every wash and watch your running costs drop.
  4. Automatic Savings: Deliver a more powerful clean and save up to 50% on your water bill.
  5. Clarus Vibe Controls: Easily create custom wash programs that take better care of your customers’ clothes and increase store revenue with every cycle.
An image of an Electrolux Professional washer with Clarus Vibe touchscreen controls. The photo is on a light blue backdrop. The text reads: "1: high spin"

High Spin Extraction

Our Electrolux Professional 450G washers are the fastest available on the market today, but what does a higher spin really mean for your laundry business?

The faster the spin, the higher your profits

Simply put, 450G washers remove more water from the load at the end of the wash cycle, minimizing drying time. In a laundromat setting, this translates to next-level revenue growth, shorter laundry times for your customers, and unbeatable utility savings.

Greater profitability

  • With a throughput of under 45 minutes, you can serve more customers on your busiest days.
  • Increase peak-time revenue by up to 38% and watch your profits hit the roof.
  • Create custom wash programs that allow you to charge extra for unique cycles that satisfy your customers.

Better customer experience

  • With the fastest laundry service in town, your customers can save precious time on their days off.
  • By selecting their favorite wash program, customers get the best results for their laundry every time.
  • The colorful touchscreen controls of our Electrolux Professional EUD Clarus Vibe washers make them the most user-friendly machines available.

Lower utilities

  • The powerful extraction of 450G removes the maximum amount of water from clothes, leading to faster drying times and massive savings on your gas and electricity bills.
  • Automatic Savings weighs the load and introduces the precise amount of water for the perfect wash, helping to cut your water bill in half.
  • Ultra-Flat Drain Valve saves 1 ½ gallons of water with every single wash, adding thousands of dollars to your annual profits.

Higher performance

  • 450G extraction removes more dirt and residual soap from the load, allowing the washer to achieve a higher standard of clean.
  • Less time spent in the dryer protects clothes from overdrying and extends linen life.
  • Custom wash cycles mean that you can better care for your customers’ unique laundry needs.
An image of an Electrolux Professional washing machine at a 3/4 angle. The photo is on a light blue backdrop. The text reads: "2: power balance"

Power Balance technology

Power Balance helps your washer maintain a consistent high spin, resulting in higher profits for your business and quicker laundry times for your customers. It also works to extend the lifespan of your equipment, leading to big savings in maintenance and replacement costs.

How does it work?

When items of uneven weights and sizes are loaded into the drum (like socks and towels, for example), all washers can sometimes tip out of balance, causing them to shake. This shaking can damage the equipment over time. In order to protect the washer from this imbalance, most manufacturers simply drop the extraction speed, leading to more water retention, longer drying times, and poor wash performance.

Power Balance uses a unique accelerometer — which detects any imbalance in the load — and works to immediately correct it. This means that Electrolux Professional washers are able to maintain a consistent high spin of 450 G-force, so your business can benefit from more revenue, better customer loyalty, and lower running costs.

An image of a drain valve part. The photo is on a light blue backdrop. The text reads: "3: ultra flat drain valve"

Ultra-flat drain valve

The slimline drain valve design in Electrolux Professional EUD washers can save your business thousands of dollars every single year on water bills. Along with Automatic Water Savings, it can help to cut your utilities by an incredible 50%!

Ultra-flat drain valve vs. the competition

Did you know that our competitors’ washers are built with a long drain valve that not only adds time to the laundry cycle but also wastes gallons of dead water every single wash? Unlike other brands, Electrolux Professional washers are equipped with a unique drain valve that cuts this “dead water” waste by 97% and prevents your profits from leaking out of your business.

An image of an Electrolux Professional washing machine with a Clarus Vibe touchscreen. The photo is on a light blue backdrop. The text reads: "4: automatic savings"

Automatic Savings technology

Did you know that 92% of washes in American laundromats are underloaded? In average washing machines, the same amount of water is used regardless of load size and unnecessarily increasing a store’s running costs. Electrolux Professional’s Automatic Savings technology weighs each individual load, adding the correct amount of water for the best wash results. So, you can say goodbye to water waste and hello to higher profits for your business.

Did you know that a precise volume of water = a more powerful clean?

There is a common misconception among laundromat owners that more water in the load offers customers a better cleaning experience. By adding the exact amount of water needed, however, Automatic Savings increases friction in the drum, releasing more trapped dirt from fabrics. 450G extraction also stops soap residue from building up on clothes, preventing them from feeling stiff and starchy.

An image of an Electrolux Professional washing machine with a Clarus Vibe touchscreen. The photo is on a light blue backdrop. The text reads: "5: Clarus Vibe controls"

Clarus Vibe washer controls

Clarus Vibe is an exclusive upgrade for Electrolux Professional EUD washers. With an intuitive touchscreen interface, you can easily create custom wash programs that drive more profit to your business than ever before.

  • 192 customizable programs for unlimited revenue potential.
  • 35 available languages for improved user experience.
  • 7’’ HD color touchscreen allows customers to seamlessly select the perfect wash program.

How to use Clarus Vibe to rise above your competitors

With Clarus Vibe, you can give your customers exactly what they want while adding more revenue to your business. Consider potential customers in your neighborhood – is there a specific laundry need that isn’t being met by other laundry services in town? You can use this knowledge to beat the competition and attract more loyal customers.

Why not try out these custom wash programs?

  • When spring cleaning season comes along, your customers will appreciate being able to wash bulkier items that are difficult to fit inside a home appliance. Create a “Drapes” and “Comforters” cycle to encourage them to try your laundromat!
  • Are there a lot of dog owners or perhaps a kennel in your neighborhood? Make a “Dog Beds” cycle to attract them to your store!
  • If there’s a salon or spa nearby, try creating a “White Towels” program to make their job easier.

5 ways to boost your business with Electrolux Professional EUD washers

  1. Effortlessly increase throughput and weekend revenue with the fastest spin on the market.
  2. Offer next-level customer experience with faster laundry times Clarus Vibe’s stunning touchscreen display.
  3. Spend less on water, gas, and electricity with 450G’s high water extraction, the Ultra-Flat Drain Valve, and Automatic Savings.
  4. Clean clothes to the highest standards and encourage customer loyalty with Clarus Vibe’s custom wash programs that speak directly to their laundry needs.
  5. Save big on maintenance and repair costs with Power Balance, and ensure your washer is always reaching its highest spin potential.