Everything You Need to Know About Electrolux Professional Dryers

Laundylux’s new line of Electrolux Professional commercial dryers comes fully loaded with groundbreaking technology that boosts laundry revenue and customer satisfaction like never before. With faster drying times, unmatched energy efficiency, and outstanding linen care, these dryers have everything you need to raise your business to new heights of success. By pairing them with Electrolux Professional 450G washers, you can maximize throughput and ensure your laundry business is reaching its full profit potential. Let’s look at some of the features of Electrolux Professional dryers that will grow your bottom line and help you stay miles ahead of the competition.

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  1. Compass Pro: With over 15 customizable programs and user-friendly controls, Compass Pro is our classic revenue generator that offers your customers incredible garment care.
  2. Reverse Dry & Axial Airflow: Advanced reversing cylinders and axial airflow construction cut energy costs by 25% while eliminating wet spots and providing faster drying times.
  3. EcoPower: Smart technology senses when clothes are dry and automatically lowers the temperature, helping to lower your coin laundry’s energy bills by 15%.
  4. Residual Moisture Control: Innovative moisture control technology protects natural fibers like silk and wool and helps to prevent static, wrinkles, and lint buildup for OPL.
  5. More Capacity Choice: Whether you run a laundromat or OPL facility, we’ve got the perfect capacities to meet your needs.
  6. Pairing Electrolux Professional Washers and Dryers: Electrolux Professional washers and dryers are designed to work together as an integrated system that will skyrocket your laundry’s profits to the next level.

Compass Pro

Compass Pro is our easy-to-use interface loved by laundry owners across North America. With the ability to create custom drying cycles, you can offer your customers better options while generating more valuable income for your business.

  • Simple, user-friendly button controls
  • 15 customizable drying programs
  • 3 available languages with dual language display. Perfect for bilingual neighborhoods!

How to use Compass Pro to gain and retain more customers for your laundromat

Compass Pro enables professional laundry owners to generate more revenue for their business while taking care of their customers’ specific laundry needs. By creating custom drying programs, you can deliver a more personalized laundry service and attract different types of customers in your neighborhood. Is there a specific customer need that’s not being met by other laundromats in town? Take this insight and use Compass Pro to help your store stand out from the competition.

Why not try out these custom drying programs at your coin laundry?

  • If your laundromat is close to a popular hiking trail or campsite, why not create a “Sleeping Bags” cycle? Electrolux Professional’s reversing cylinders ensure an even and thorough dry for bulkier items and eliminate any wet spots.
  • Optimizing the higher capacities of Electrolux Professional dryers will allow you to care for your customers’ larger items and create a cycle for “Comforters and Duvets.” When spring cleaning season rolls around, they’ll know where to go!
  • High-performance fabrics like spandex, nylon, and gore-tex require low-medium heat. Creating an “Active Wear” drying program will help attract runners and gym enthusiasts in your area.

How to use Compass Pro to achieve the best results for OPL

If you run an on-premises laundry as part of your hospitality, healthcare, or sports and fitness business, you’ll want a dryer that achieves the best possible results while maximizing productivity. With Compass Pro, you and your staff can create custom drying cycles to increase efficiency and better process your most frequently laundered items.

Why not try out these custom dry programs at your OPL facility?

  • When you run a hospital or other kind of healthcare center, properly disinfecting sheets and gowns is an absolute necessity. By creating a “Sanitizing” drying cycle, you can trust that the high temperatures achieved by Electrolux Professional dryers will eliminate 99.99% of harmful pathogens. Using this program in combination with the “Sanitizing Rinse” feature on Electrolux Professional High Spin washers will give you and your staff the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Why not create a “Napkins and Tablecloths” program for your hotel or restaurant business? Whites are best dried at high temperatures, so create your program accordingly to restore brightness to your linens and leave them looking brand new.
  • Creating a special drying program for your staff’s uniforms will ensure that everything is processed quickly and efficiently and that every member of your team is looking spick and span. The Residual Moisture Control option on Electrolux Professional OPL dryers minimizes wrinkles and helps garments to maintain their shape.
An image of an Electrolux Professional stack dryer with its door open. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "2: reverse dry and axial airflow"

Reverse Dry & Axial Airflow

Electrolux Professional dryers feature innovative reversing cylinders that prevent garments from tangling, allowing them to dry more evenly. This delivers better results for larger items like towels, duvets, and curtains that are prone to balling and wet spots. Reverse Dry works in combination with the dryer’s Axial Airflow construction to reduce gas and electricity bills by up to 25% while delivering faster drying times. This, in turn, increases throughput during your busiest hours, maximizing your profits and making your customers happier by saving them time.

An image of an Electrolux Professional stack dryer. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "3: ecopower"


A super smart sensor in the drum measures when garments are dry, automatically lowering the temperature. This reduces laundromat utility bills by a further 15% and protects clothes from damage caused by overdrying. With EcoPower, you can increase the lifespan of your customers’ favorite garments, allowing them to be treasured year after year. Once they realize your dryers care for their clothes better than any other store in town, customers will choose you every time!

An image of an Electrolux Professional single pocket dryer. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "4: residual moisture control"

Residual Moisture Control

This premium option, available on Electrolux Professional OPL dryers, allows for precise moisture control in the load and prevents static, wrinkles, and lint buildup while protecting the fibers in natural fabrics like wool and silk. Residual Moisture Control (RMC) works best for linens that require a small amount of remaining moisture to further process with pressing equipment.

By preventing over-drying, you can benefit from:

  • Lower replacement costs for sheets, towels, and tablecloths
  • Less labor in pressing and finishing
  • Better energy savings
An image of an Electrolux Professional stack dryer with drying clothes. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "5: greater capacity"

More Capacity Choice

Electrolux Professional dryers come in a range of capacities up to 83 lbs, so whether you run a laundromat or OPL facility, we have the size to meet your needs. Many people visit laundromats because of the larger capacities of the equipment – instead of doing multiple loads at home, they can do the entire family’s laundry in one go and save themselves time. These larger dryers help your customers get in and out of your laundromat faster, increasing your peak-time revenue and freeing up more equipment, folding tables, and parking spaces for the next person.

Stacked vs single-pocket dryers

Electrolux Professional dryers come in two different configurations. Laundromats with limited square footage often prefer stacked dryers to optimize floor space and increase the productivity of their store. Single pocket dryers, however, have larger capacities and are therefore preferred by OPL operators wanting to maximize efficiency. Most laundromat businesses will opt for a mix of both types of dryers – that way, you can serve customers who require larger capacities and fit a greater number of smaller dryers into a limited amount of space.

An image of an Electrolux Professional stack dryer and Clarus Vibe washing machine. The photo is on a blue backdrop. The text reads: "6: pairing washers and dryers"

Pairing Electrolux Professional Washers & Dryers

Electrolux Professional dryers go hand-in-hand with our 450G High Spin, EUD series washers to create an integrated system that’s guaranteed to raise your laundry business above the competition.

Faster throughput

  • Achieve a record-breaking throughput of under 45 minutes.
  • Get more happy customers through your door and increase weekend and peak-time revenue.
  • Improve traffic flow in your store – with more free equipment and parking spaces, customers can be in and out in even less time.

More profitability

  • Use Compass Pro to create special wash and dry programs to better care for your customers’ laundry while increasing your revenue.
  • Earn 38% greater revenue during your busiest hours.
  • Electrolux Professional’s low energy use minimizes running costs, allowing your profits to soar.

Better customer satisfaction

  • With Compass Pro, customers can choose the wash and dry programs that suit their specific needs, so they get the best results every time.
  • Reverse Dry and Eco Power prevent wet spots and balling, and they protect garments from overdrying.
  • Add minutes to your customers’ precious days off with the fastest laundry service in town.

Greater utility savings

  • Energy-saving features of Electrolux Professional dryers reduce utility costs by up to 40%, so your revenue doesn’t get washed down the drain.
  • The Ultra-Flat Drain Valve design of our High Spin washers saves up to 82,000 gallons of water every single year.
  • Automatic Savings helps reduce water bills by 50%.

5 Ways to Maximize Profits With Electrolux Professional Dryers

  1. Increase revenue with Compass Pro by creating special drying programs that help grow your bottom line and keep your customers satisfied.
  2. Reduce your utility bills with energy-saving technology like Eco Power, Reverse Dry, and Axial Airflow.
  3. Achieve a lightning-fast throughput and serve more happy customers during your busiest times.
  4. Choose between a range of capacities of stacked and single-pocket dryers to optimize productivity.
  5. Pair your dryers with Electrolux Professional washers and take your laundry business to the next level.

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