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Discover how our Next Level Laundry solution can help you:

  • Build your business on the four pillars of laundromat success: customer experience, performance, efficiency, and profitability.

  • Achieve 20 – 30% cash-on-cash annual returns.

  • Serve 38% more customers per washer on your busiest days.

  • Build a loyal customer base and attract new customers, helping you succeed in competitive markets.

  • And more!


Discover the difference that true high spin equipment can make for your business

High-spin is a term used by every manufacturer, but at 450G, our true high-spin washers are faster than anything else on the market. Our washers and dryers can get customers in and out of your store in just 45 minutes. By offering the fastest wash in town, you’ll significantly boost throughput during your busiest hours, helping you win the weekend and leave your competition behind.

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