Everything you need to know about Clarus Vibe Washers by Electrolux Professional

After years of hands-on research, testing and development, Laundrylux is excited to offer American laundromat owners our most profitable commercial laundry equipment ever. Clarus Vibe washers by Electrolux Professional are designed to increase store revenue at every opportunity while lowering utilities to maximize your bottom line. Built for unbeatable customer experience and outstanding wash results, your customers will think twice about ever visiting another store.

Let’s look at some of the key features of Electrolux Professional Clarus Vibe washers that will take your laundromat to the next level!

  1. Clarus Vibe Controls

    Increase store revenue at every turn by adding revenue-boosting wash programs that keep your customers returning week after week.

  2. Color Touchscreen Display

    Stay miles ahead of the competition with a dazzling HD display panel. 

  3. Front Soap Box

    Make your customer’s life easier with a front-mounted dispenser positioned at the perfect height for easy access.

  4. High Spin

    Increase peak time revenue by up to 38%, keep your utility bills to a minimum, and watch your profits take off!

  5. Power Balance

    Keeps maintenance costs at bay and improves the lifespan of your washer.

  6. Ultra-flat Drain Valve

    Saves the average laundromat up to 82,000 gallons of water every year.

Clarus Vibe controls

Clarus Vibe gives store owners infinite opportunities to effortlessly generate more revenue for their business. With practically unlimited customizable programs, you can create special wash cycles that help grow your profits by adding value to each turn.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly controls
  • 192 customizable wash programs
  • 35 available languages

How to use Clarus Vibe controls to attract more loyal customers

Clarus Vibe allows laundromat owners to beat the competition by better serving customers and catering to their specific laundry needs. By creating custom wash programs, you can give your customers exactly what they’re looking for and can even target particular demographics. Think about the individual laundry requirements of the people in your neighborhood and ask yourself, “What special programs can I offer that will help me stand out from other stores?”

Once you identify the specific needs of people in your neighborhood, you can easily create custom wash programs that will get them in the door and make sure they never want to do laundry anywhere else.

Why not try out these custom wash ideas?

  • A “Table Linen” cycle could help you to create a lucrative commercial laundry service for the restaurants in town. 
  • With a special  “Soccer Team” wash, you can show support for your local athletes.
  • A “Doggie Bed” cycle will attract your town’s devoted dog owners.

Color touchscreen display

Clarus Vibe’s brilliant new HD color display and intuitive controls will help you to gain and retain a loyal customer base. The attractive panel will amaze customers as soon as they walk into your store, creating an unbeatable first impression and signaling to them that your laundromat is on another level to other stores. The large 7’’ touchscreen with picture graphics makes selecting the right wash program easier than ever before and will keep them coming back again and again. 

Front soap box

Our brand new front-mounted soap dispenser is one more feature that lifts Clarus Vibe washers above the competition, creating better accessibility and greater user-friendliness on our large-capacity washers. Positioned at the ideal ergonomic height, the soap box makes life easier for customers by tilting down when opened to give a clear view of the color-coded compartments inside. This makes it super simple to see which chemicals go where and eliminates any mistakes! 

High Spin

With an incredible extraction speed of 450G, Clarus Vibe washers are the fastest high spin washer available on the market today. But what does more speed mean for your business? 

Speed matters: 450G vs. other high spin washers

Not all high spin laundry equipment is created equal, and an increase in G force can make a big difference to the overall success of your business. The faster the spin, the greater the profit.

More profitability 
The faster turnover of 450G equipment frees up more washers, dryers, parking spaces, and folding tables for your next customers. This allows you to serve five more customers per washer than the average laundromat on your busiest days, increasing peak time revenue by up to 38%.

Better customer satisfaction
With a record-breaking throughput of under 45 minutes, you can offer your customers a faster laundry experience and add precious minutes to their day. 

Greater utility-savings
450G washers extract more water from the load, significantly reducing drying times. This means that the dryer consumes less energy and you save more money on gas and electricity bills. 
Superior wash results
450G washers remove more soap residue from the load, providing a new standard of clean for your customers. Because clothes need less time in the dryer, potential linen damage caused by overheating is also reduced.

Power Balance

Power Balance extends the lifespan of your equipment and works to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. It also helps the washer maintain a consistent high spin that generates more profit for your business and offers more customer satisfaction.

How does Power Balance work?

Uneven or bulky loads can create instability in all washers, causing damage to the equipment over time. Average washers deal with this problem by simply lowering the extraction speed until the end of the cycle, leading to poor wash results and longer drying times. Clarus Vibe washers have a unique in-built accelerometer that detects any imbalance and works to immediately correct it. With Power Balance, your washer can continuously reach a high spin of 450G, offering your customers a faster laundry experience and allowing you to elevate your income.

Ultra-flat drain valve

Clarus Vibe’s innovative drain valve can save your business thousands of dollars on water bills every single year. Paired with Automatic Water Savings, you can slash your utilities by up to 50%. 

Our drain valve design vs. the competition

Did you know that our competitors’ washers are built with a long drain valve that not only increases laundry time but wastes thousands of gallons of water every year? Our super-slim drain valve delivers a faster wash cycle and reduces “dead water” by 97%. This means that your well-earned revenue stays in your pocket instead of being washed away. 

5 ways to boost your store’s profits with Clarus Vibe washers

  1. Increase your revenue by creating special wash programs that please your customers and increase your bottom line.
  1. Get more customers through your door on weekends and maximize your busiest hours with a throughput of under 45 minutes.
  1. Generate greater customer loyalty by providing a better and faster laundry experience than any other laundromat in the neighborhood.
  1. Save thousands of dollars each year on utilities with the energy-saving benefits of 450G high spin and the ultra-flat drain valve. 
  1. Prolong the lifespan of your washer and spend less on maintenance with Power Balance.