Looking For Business Success in 2019? Open a Laundromat!

If you are searching for a new business opportunity for 2019, you’ll want an industry that ticks multiple boxes. Well, how about a business with a much higher five-year survival rate than the average startup, where 20%-35% ROI is the norm, a business that can be run as a self-service automated store or a fully-staffed, hands-on business that can be passed down to future generations. If this sounds good to you, maybe 2019 should be the year you open your first laundromat business.

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Recession Resistant Business With A High Survival Rate

In uncertain economic times, many entrepreneurs become wary of starting a new venture, but the recession-resistant qualities of a laundromat business make it a wonderful investment no matter the state of the economy. Because people always need clean clothes, an economic downturn won’t affect laundromats like other high street businesses. This is one factor that contributes to the very high 5-year-survival rate of coin laundry businesses when compared to other startup ventures. But these low-risk factors must mean that laundromats also have low rewards, right? Wrong — in fact, successful store owners can boast an ROI of 20%-35%.

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A Business With Flexible Hours

One great thing about a laundromat business is its flexibility. If you want to run a hands-on business and offer extra laundry services to your customers, you can achieve success. But you could also open a self-service laundromat that requires only a few hours on site. Many entrepreneurs open and maintain multiple profitable self-service stores while others opt to run a self-service laundromat as a side hustle to their main career. Discover what type of laundromat is right for you.

A Business Where Technology Can Make A Big Impact

The pace of technological change is a problem in many industries where business owners need to continually invest in the latest technologies or risk being left behind. But because coin laundry is a well-established industry, opting for the latest technology can help you easily stand out from your competition. There are also many opportunities to retool existing stores (where equipment may be 20+ years old) with the latest energy-efficient washers and dryers and turn an underperforming store into a profitable business.

Laundrylux Is Here To Help You Succeed

Laundrylux is North America’s laundromat expert. Established in 1955, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs build thriving coin laundry businesses.

Our Coin Laundry Equipment

Our Electrolux and Wascomat commercial coin laundry equipment will help you provide unbeatable results to your customers while keeping your business’s running costs to a minimum.

Electrolux Professional Coin Washers and Dryers

Electrolux equipment has the brand recognition to attract new customers to your laundromat and the quality to keep them coming back every week. Electrolux professional coin washers and dryers are packed with technologies to reduce water use — a big plus for your utility bills. And with our washers’ large capacities and high G-Force extraction, your customers can get their weekly laundry done in under an hour.

Wascomat Commercial Coin Washers and Dryers

Wascomat has been the workhorse of the commercial laundry industry for decades. Today’s Wascomat commercial coin washers and dryers pair that famous reliability with innovative features that provide great wash results and minimize running costs. And with a new stainless steel design, Wascomat washers and dryers will make your store look great too.

Encore by Wascomat

Encore semi-professional washers and dryers offer laundromat owners to power and reliability of commercial equipment but in a size and at a price much closer to a residential appliance. With commercial-grade components, Encore washers are built to last three times longer than residential appliances and are perfect for replacing toploaders or complementing larger washers and dryers in your store.

Our Laundromat Business Services

Laundrylux does much more than provide commercial laundry equipment. We are here to help you with all aspects of starting a laundromat business. Whether you want to learn about the coin laundry industry, are looking for marketing support, or require laundromat business funding, we have services to help you succeed. Click below to learn about our laundry business services.

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Our Digital Laundromat Management Tools

Laundrylux believes in giving our store owners every advantage available. That’s why we have designed innovative digital tools to help make your life and your customers’ lives easier.


LaundryPulse is the revolutionary digital laundromat management system that helps entrepreneurs manage their store — or multiple stores — right from their laptop.

✓ Manage Unlimited Laundry Locations
✓ Remotely Manage Prices & Promotions
✓ View Real-time Revenue Reports & Data
✓ Receive Alerts by Text or Email


LaundryPay is the new smartphone app from Laundrylux that gives customers the ultimate laundromat experience.

With LaundryPay, customers can…

✓ Pay directly from the LaundryPay app
✓ Check machine availability before leaving home
✓ Get notifications when their wash is complete
✓ Save money and earn loyalty points

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