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Authentic Replacement Parts for Electrolux & Wascomat commercial laundry equipment are supplied by Laundrylux

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Authentic replacement parts for your commercial washing machines and commercial dryers ensure long-life and the safe operation of your machinery.

authentic Replacement Parts for Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment are supplied by LaundryluxThere are 40+ year old Electrolux and Wascomat washers and dryers still going strong in laundries today! Due to the longevity of our laundry equipment, one day you may need to purchase authentic replacement parts. It is very important that you always purchase authentic Electrolux and Wascomat replacement parts. If you’re not sure if you are buying authentic, please contact us for assistance.

Authentic Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry parts are:

  • Designed to work properly with the other components in the machine.
  • Routinely inspected and tested to ensure that they comply with the engineering specifications and provide reliability and safety.
  • Designed to maintain the energy efficiency of your laundry equipment.
  • Built to highest standards specifically for our machines.

Protect your investment with authentic replacement parts.

Please be aware that fake or knock-off parts compromise the safety and performance of your laundry equipment. Not only that, but using fake parts can damage your machine and void your warranty.

Knock-off suppliers are only interested in selling you the cheapest part they can just to get your business. They don’t care if it doesn’t last or damages your machine. They don’t care if the part is of inferior quality or compromises the safe operation of your laundry equipment.

At Laundrylux, we care and believe in providing our customers with the highest quality commercial laundry equipment, authentic parts, and outstanding service.

Our mission is to earn your business today and to be there for you in the future. Our authentic replacement parts are engineered by global leader Electrolux to precise specifications. They are built for reliability, quality, long life, and safety.

Speak with a commercial laundry expert today! Laundrylux’s Customer Care Specialists are here to help you.

Laundrylux Customer Care Specialists for replacement partsOur staff of experienced, well-trained Customer Care Specialists are expert professionals who are ready to help you identify part numbers, then process and ship your order to any destination. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of Electrolux and Wascomat genuine replacement parts to help ensure prompt delivery. Our dedicated parts telephone lines have minimal wait times, allowing you to spend your valuable time running your laundry business.

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