Wascomat Commercial Coin Laundry

The New Wascomat Commercial Coin Laundry Equipment Lineup!

Now’s the perfect time for opening a laundromat business or replace old coin laundry equipment with a brand the industry has relied on for more than half a century. Wascomat Commercial Coin Laundry Equipment is designed for long life, value, quality, and BIG energy and water savings.

It’s the perfect time to retool your laundromat with Wascomat Coin Laundry Equipment

Combining world-class reliability with innovative features and programmability, Wascomat washers are designed to work as a system with Wascomat coin laundry dryers. The washer initiates the drying process which means, the higher the G-force, the more water is extracted from the laundry. This speeds up the drying process, saving energy, time, and money.

Wascomat Commercial Coin Laundry Equipment gets the job done day-in and day-out with reliability you can depend on. In fact, there are 40-year old Wascomat machines still working in laundromat businesses today!

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