2018 Business Trends and What They Mean For Laundromats

Every retail business must be ready to adapt to consumer habits and trends, and the coin laundry business is no exception. With careful planning and the necessary resources, laundromats can see their profits rise and their customer base grow year after year. Here at Laundrylux, we are constantly striving to equip our laundromat owners with the latest technology and business strategies to help their business appeal to today’s consumer — and tomorrow’s.

So let’s take a look at some trends for 2018 and how they apply to the laundromat industry.

Americans are Going Green

More and more consumers are concerned about the environment these days, with a recent survey finding that 78% of American consumers feel better when they buy products that are sustainably sourced. Electrolux Professional coin washers and dryers are built for low energy and water consumption. So while your business benefits from lower utility costs, the environment benefits too.

Why not let your customers know about the environmentally responsible practices of your Electrolux laundromat?

Convenience is Key!

In today’s fast-paced world, customer convenience is the key to running a successful retail business. Nowhere is this trend more obvious than in the growth of mobile payments. It’s predicted that many people will soon be leaving their wallets at home and paying for almost everything using their mobile phones.

Your business can get ahead of this trend with the new LaundryPay app — coming soon from Laundrylux. Laundromat customers lead busy lives, so why make them search for quarters — spending more on a chore they already don’t want to do — when they can simply pay with their phone?

With the LaundryPay app, customers can view machine availability, pay through their smartphone, and receive a notification when their wash cycle is complete. What’s more convenient than that?

Want to learn more about LaundryPay and LaundryPulse? Talk to a Laundrylux sales rep!

Speaking of Convenience, Customers Are Happy to Pay for It!

According to recent data, consumers want convenience and are willing to pay more for it. The food industry is currently in the middle of a transformation with companies like Blue Apron and UberEats offering healthy meals delivered to your home— and customers are happy to pay 11% higher prices for the added convenience.

So what about laundry? Well, according to the American Time Use Survey, laundry is the third most time-consuming household activity for American women. With people feeling busier than ever, would your customers benefit from the convenience and extra free time that wash & fold and laundry delivery services provide? We think so.

Generation Z is Coming!

Did you think that the future of business was all about millennials? Well, there’s a new kid in town — actually, there are 77 million new kids in town. Generation Z is predicted to make up an incredible 40% of consumers by 2020, and they don’t think the same as any other generation.

Gen Z-ers are using social media a bit different than previous generations. They use Facebook less than millennials with Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube their favored platforms.  So why not bring your laundromat into the 21st century? Utilize these free platforms to advertise your laundromat with relevant hashtags, location tagging, and promotions.

Check out our blog post on online marketing tips for laundromat businesses to get started.

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