Benefits of Owning an Electrolux Laundromat

Discover the advantages and benefits of owning an Electrolux laundromat business.

Pronto Laundry Owner testimonial on the benefits of owning an Electrolux LaundromatOwning an Electrolux laundromat business is a unique, 100% turn-key package. It includes store design, signage, expert marketing support through Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS), and superior laundromat equipment designed to maximize your profits. Electrolux innovations create a unique laundromat experience for your customers and earn more money for you.

Put the powerful Electrolux brand to work for you!

An Electrolux-equipped laundromat business delivers exceptional branded value.

  • Expert marketing assistance to help build your business
  • Electrolux world-class laundromat equipment and reputation for quality
  • Electrolux technology saves you time and money
  • Exceptional local distributor support

To learn more about how you can join the world of satisfied Electrolux Professional laundromat business owners, download our “New Laundromat Investor” brochure.

DO YOU NEED LAUNDROMAT EQUIPMENT FINANCING? Another benefit of owning an Electrolux Laundromat is Laundrylux Funding Services and our flexible programs, low rates, and laundromat business expertise. Contact us today to learn more!