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Thank you for your interest in Electrolux professional laundry equipment featuring Automatic Savings (AS) and Smart Dosing (SD). These unique Electrolux innovations lower your expenses, increase productivity, and help to eliminate human error.

Electrolux’s Automatic Savings feature lowers water consumption by up to 50%. With each wash cycle, AS determines the weight of the load and adds precisely the right amount of water resulting in reduced water usage and lower energy costs. Working with AS, Electrolux’s Smart Dosing technology automatically adjusts the ratio of laundry chemicals to water, resulting in lower costs, longer linen life, and the best wash results.

Let us show you how much you can save with Electrolux professional laundry equipment. Please fill in the form below for more information, or for immediate assistance, call 1-866-971-1010. We look forward to hearing from you!