Effortlessly Upgrade Your Laundry Room With the New Electrolux Professional DE-645 Dryer

Laundrylux is proud to introduce the Electrolux Professional DE-645 dryer. Designed to seamlessly fit through a standard 32” doorway, this dryer now offers the easiest way to equip your business’s laundry room with industry-leading drying technology. Whether you manage a laundromat, hotel, fire station, or any other business that processes laundry on-site, this dryer provides trouble-free installation, lower operating costs, and exceptional laundry results.

Upgrade your business’s laundry room to Electrolux Professional today!

Discover what the new Electrolux Professional DE-645 dryer can deliver for your business!

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Incredible laundry results

The DE-645 dryer joins our range of Electrolux Professional commercial dryers that deliver outstanding laundry results, extend linen lifespan, and increase productivity for your laundry room staff.

Compass Pro controls

With Compass Pro’s user-friendly controls, you can select from 30 standard drying cycles or program up to 15 customizable cycles to meet your business’s specific laundry needs and achieve superior finished results. The user-friendly one-knob design speeds up laundry room productivity and the multi-lingual display is perfect for laundry teams who use more than one language.

Residual Moisture Control

Exclusive to on-premises laundry operators, RMC is a premium feature that provides the industry’s most precise moisture control, preventing wrinkles and lint build-up and reducing time and labor for pressing and finishing items. This feature also reduces linen wear and tear and saves on utility costs by stopping the cycle at the pre-determined moisture level.

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Lower operating costs

The Electrolux Professional DE-645 dryer is packed with energy-saving features that work to dramatically reduce your business’s running costs by up to 40%.

Reverse Dry & Axial Airflow

Electrolux Professional dryers feature innovative reversing cylinders that prevent garments from tangling, allowing them to dry more evenly. This delivers better results for larger items like towels, sheets, and comforters prone to balling and wet spots. Reverse Dry works in combination with the dryer’s Axial Airflow construction to reduce gas and electricity bills by up to 25% while delivering faster drying times.


Autostop lowers energy costs by a further 15%. A super smart sensor in the dryer’s drum senses when linens are perfectly dry and automatically lowers the temperature to protect your business’s laundry from overheating and extending linen life. This feature uses the same advanced technology as Eco Power, found in Electrolux Professional vended dryers.

Did you know? When these dryers are used in combination with Electrolux Professional’s high-spin washers, you can achieve 14% lower operating costs than the competition annually!

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“Electrolux Professional provides business owners with the world’s most advanced technology to transform their on-premises laundry room into a higher performing operation with lower running costs. With the most accurate moisture sensing technology in the industry and narrow dimensions that offer a more seamless installation, the DE-645 dryer makes it simpler than ever to upgrade this part of your business to new levels of ease and efficiency.”

— Josh Steinhardt, Director of On-Premises Laundry Sales for Laundrylux

3 reasons to upgrade your laundry room with the Electrolux Professional DE-645 Dryer

  1. Experience a seamless installation with the dryer’s narrow dimensions that fit effortlessly through a standard 32” doorway.
  2. Achieve better laundry results and streamline productivity with Compass Pro’s customizable dryer programs and multi-lingual display.
  3. Extend linen life and lower operating costs by 40% with Reverse Dry, Axial Airflow, and Autostop.