Women in Laundry: More Stories to Tell

Women in Laundry: Women’s History Month Comes to an End… But Not for Us.

If you’ve been following along, last month we focused on four incredible women in the laundry industry. They shared how they started in the industry, their challenges, triumphs, career changes, revelations and more – but there’s still so many stories to tell.

That’s why we decided that even though Women’s History Month ended this weekend – we will continue on for the rest of 2018. Every month, we will shine a light on Women in Laundry. We have lined up store owners, distributors, even some of our very own Laundrylux staff will make an appearance.

Women In Laundry Case Study

Missed the series this month? Check them out here:

Cathy Neilley, Spin Doctor Laundromat

Vivian Trout, Uniwasher, Inc.

Kristen Packard, Automated Laundry Systems

Ariana Rovielo, Laundré


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