Up To 50% Water Savings with Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines

Electrolux commercial washing machines can lower your water consumption by up to 50%. To learn more, watch our video featuring Ernesto Rodriguez, Director of Product Education for Laundrylux…

The Electrolux coin operated washer, and on-premises washer as well, feature built-in Automatic Water Saving (AWS) technology which determines the exact weight of the load and adds precisely the correct amount of water for best results. The washers also feature the Compass Pro microprocessor – which enables you to determine exact water levels to meet customer demand in your market.

Other washing machines just fill up the water to the same level, no matter how much laundry is in the machine. And, since it is estimated that 60-70% of laundry is underloaded – that wastes a tremendous amount of water and money.

AWS solves that problem. It’s an incredible software feature available only on Electrolux commercial washing machines.

With an Electrolux Professional Laundry’s high-speed extraction card and coin-operated washer, you’ll see an increase in your laundromat business profits, lower utilities usage, and faster throughput (freeing up dryers, folding tables and parking spots). Some features unique to Electrolux commercial washing machines include:

• Up to 50% water savings with AWS, automatically
• Compass Pro for easy programming, more than 20 languages available, detailed user statistics and diagnostics, and more.
• Save thousands of gallons of water each year in dead water alone. Learn more by watching our Electrolux and Wascomat Drain Valve vs. Competition video
• Real-time clock for time of day pricing / promotional pricing
• PowerBalance for longer machine life and optimum water extraction
• Sanitizing Rinse for greater customer satisfaction and additional revenue
• Text Messaging and Voice Guidance options
• Heavy-duty construction

To learn more, please contact John Olsen, VP – Coin Laundry
(800) 862-1752 • email jolsen@laundrylux.com

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