Laundrylux Promotions and New Hires

Cody and Neal Milch

Cody Milch, President, and Neal Milch, Executive Member of the Board, Laundrylux – effective January 1, 2018.

Neal Milch, CEO, assumes the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of Laundrylux

Laundrylux is proud to announce a number of important management changes that will take effect January 1, 2018. Neal Milch, CEO, will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of Laundrylux.

“The world is changing incredibly fast,” notes Milch, “and my highest value to the business is to look past the horizon to understand what is coming, and working with our senior management team to develop sustainable growth strategies across all brands and channels.”

Under Milch’s tenure as CEO, Laundrylux developed an expanded portfolio of brands and products for more market segments than ever before in its history, while multiplying revenues.

“We have succeeded by being creative, aggressive, investing in technology, and most of all investing in people. That will continue at an accelerated and more intensive pace,” Milch states.

John Sabino Laundrylux CEO

John Sabino becomes CEO of Laundrylux, effective January 1, 2018.

John Sabino, President of Laundrylux, will become CEO

“John is an essential partner in the business,” says Milch, “and my family and the employees of Laundrylux have complete confidence in John. He is smart, creative, dedicated, and exhibits the values and ethos we have always embraced as a company.”

“He is respected by everyone he does business with, and he will lead Laundrylux to even greater success. I personally look forward to working closely with John as we embark on this exciting next phase in our 65-year history.”

Reflecting on his new responsibilities, Sabino says, “It has been a pleasure working with the Laundrylux team these past eight years and helping to drive our rapid growth. Time flies!

Neal initiated this change almost a year ago, and it is testament to his selflessness in always putting the needs of the business first. I look forward to the challenges of being CEO and am happy that Neal is continuing his full-time participation as an out-of-the-box innovator, mentor, and friend.”

Cody Milch Laundrylux

Cody Milch promoted to President of Laundrylux, effective January 1, 2018.

Cody Milch as President of Laundrylux

“As incoming CEO,” says Sabino, “I’m thrilled for my first action to announce the appointment of Cody Milch as President of Laundrylux. It’s always a bit tough to come in as the son of the CEO and grandson of a legendary Founder, but Cody has demonstrated remarkable strength, insight, work ethic, and leadership over the past 4 years.”

“He has fully earned this promotion and enjoys the complete confidence of our employees, partners and customers. His understanding of technology and natural people skills make Cody my ideal partner. Cody is the real deal and we are very lucky to have him as President.”

“John has made being President of Laundrylux look easy,” says Cody, “but I have tremendous respect for the talent and hard work it takes to succeed. I appreciate the opportunity to build on this legacy and to lead digitization of our enterprise. We are deploying integrated software platforms to support long-term growth initiatives and we are professionalizing and scaling every aspect of the business.”

Michael Martino as Vice President of Finance

Continues Cody, “As my first act as incoming President, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Martino as Vice President of Finance. Michael’s leadership of Laundrylux Funding Services has been outstanding, and we are delighted to recognize his achievements with this promotion. Financial services are key to our future success.”

James Fair as Chief Financial Officer

Laundrylux also announces the appointment of James Fair as Chief Financial Officer, with broad responsibilities in financial management as well as developing and executing corporate strategy. James brings years of sophisticated public company and capital markets experience to Laundrylux.

“We now have by far the strongest management team in our history,” states Julia Milch, a member of the Laundrylux Board of Directors. “This team can and will execute the strategic plan they have developed to leverage the tremendous products and technologies in our portfolio. The opportunities in 2018 and beyond are very exciting, and management has the complete support of the Board.”


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