Laundromat Essential Business Designations: Our State-by-State Guide

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recognized laundromats, laundry services, and dry cleaners as essential and has included these businesses on its advisory list of critical infrastructure during the Covid-19 response. While many State and local officials rely on this list when deciding which services should continue during the Coronavirus outbreak, please view our map below to see the situation where you live.

As America comes together to fight the Coronavirus outbreak, the landscape for business owners is rapidly changing. Many states have ordered nonessential businesses to shut down temporarily to flatten the curve of new infections. As a laundromat owner, you may be wondering what this means for your business.

Here at Laundrylux, we know that clean laundry is critical to everyone’s health, and it is essential that every American who currently relies on laundromats and multi-housing laundry rooms can continue to have access to these facilities. That’s why we are working with our industry partners to ensure that laundry businesses continue to stay open to serve the American public.

In many locations, laundromats have already been designated as essential businesses and will be allowed to remain operational during these temporary shutdowns. You can check the table below to find the current situation in your area.

UPDATED: April 7, 2020, at 9:42 EST

States that have declared laundromats as an essential service:

Alabama [source]
Alaska [source]
Arizona [source]
Arkansas [source]
California [source]
Colorado [source]
Connecticut [source]
Delaware [source]
District of Columbia [source]
Florida [source]
Georgia [source]
Hawaii [source]
Idaho [source]
Illinois [source]
Indiana [source]
Iowa [source]
Kansas [source]
Kentucky [source]
Louisiana [source]
Maine [source]
Maryland [source]
Massachusetts [source]
Michigan [source]
Minnesota [source]
Mississippi [source]
Missouri [source]
Montana [source]
Nevada [source]
New Hampshire [source]
New Jersey [source]
New Mexico [source]
New York [source]
North Carolina [source]
North Dakota [source]
Ohio [source]
Oklahoma [source]
Oregon [source]
Pennsylvania [source]
Rhode Island [source]
South Carolina [source]
South Dakota [source]
Tennessee [source]
Texas [source]
Utah [source]
Vermont [source]
Virginia [source]
Washington [source]
West Virginia [source]
Wisconsin [source]
Wyoming [source]

Laundrylux will continue to work hard to make sure that laundry businesses are designated as essential in all locations across the country. As the situation changes, we will be updating this table, so be sure to check back daily.

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