How to Upgrade Commercial Laundry Equipment Without Breaking the Bank

Businesses that provide commercial laundry services, like those in the hospitality or healthcare industries, understand the many advantages to having on-premise laundry amenities. Not only can companies realize cost savings over outsourcing, but on-premise laundry offers better control of quality and timing of services, improving customer satisfaction.

However, many businesses are not getting the most value from their on-premises laundry equipment when they keep old or outdated machines. It is important for business owners to recognize the signs that signal the time to upgrade your commercial laundry equipment.

Signs You Need to Upgrade Commercial Laundry Equipment

  • If downtime for some or all machines is interrupting service
  • If you are constantly running at capacity
  • If you are spending an increasing amount of time and money on repairs
  • If your utility costs are rising

The benefits of upgrading your commercial laundry equipment can include decreased utility costs, enhanced efficiency, and better quality of laundry service, which can improve customer satisfaction and profitability. New commercial laundry equipment can make your business look better as well as improve employee productivity and morale.

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Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipment

With all the benefits to upgrading commercial laundry equipment, why are businesses still holding onto old, inefficient machines? The biggest fear for these companies comes down to costs. The upfront costs of purchasing and installing new machines can be scary to imagine, and often leads to the overuse of outdated equipment that just barely gets the job done.

So how can a business upgrade its commercial laundry equipment without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips that can make the upgrade experience less of a burden.

Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade Commercial Laundry Equipment

  1. Prioritize – don’t do it all at once. Depending on the condition of the equipment, you may not need to replace all the laundry machines at once. Prioritize those that need an immediate replacement, and spread the cost out over an extended period. However, be sure that you fold in the costs of commercial laundry maintenance and repairs over the machines that will be replaced later, for accurate budgeting.
  2. Finance equipment. Depending on your business, your bank or commercial laundry partner, like Laundrylux, may offer flexible equipment financing to help you pay for new or upgraded equipment. Flexible financing provides access to fixed payments, which simplifies accounting and budgeting without tying up capital.
  3. Rent equipment. If your business needs an equipment upgrade, you may be able to rent laundry machines from a qualified commercial laundry partner. For no money down, renting commercial washers and dryers can get you the highest-quality, most advanced commercial laundry equipment, improving capacity and productivity. And the cost of rental can be defrayed by a significant (up to 50%) reduction in water and energy costs.

Utilities, maintenance, and repair costs associated with laundry services will continue to rise, while employees and customers grow more frustrated with outdated equipment. By upgrading or replacing commercial laundry equipment, companies can deliver efficient laundry services while reducing operational costs.

Working With A Commercial Laundry Partner

Don’t let upgrading your commercial laundry equipment put a dent in your finances. By partnering with an industry leader in commercial laundry, like Laundrylux, businesses can minimize operational costs and simplify the financing, maintenance, and replacement processes for the on-premise laundry needs of any industry.

Laundrylux offers over 60 years of commercial laundry expertise, with a deep understanding of on-premise laundry solutions across industries. Connect with our industry experts to gain access to industry-leading commercial laundry equipment as well as commercial laundry services that can improve operational efficiencies and cost-savings for business growth.

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