How To Turn Your Hotel Guest Laundry Room Into A Profit Generator

In the hospitality industry, there are always two considerations at the forefront: how can I keep costs low, and customer satisfaction high? Almost every business decision in a hotel operations manager’s sphere is directly related to accomplishing these two goals. From sales and scheduling to staffing and maintenance, all decisions must take cost control and customer satisfaction into account.

However, there is one area that you may not have considered that can have a positive impact on both – your guest laundry room. By creating a welcoming, reliable guest laundry room with energy-efficient machines, you can offer a significant amenity to your guests, for far less money than you may think.

Easy Ways To Increase Hotel Guest Laundry Room Profits

1. Upgrade Your Facility With World-Class Laundry Equipment

The benefits of upgrading commercial laundry equipment in your guest laundry room can include decreased utility costs, increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, and improve the quality of hotel laundry services. With all of these benefits, why do many businesses hold onto old, inefficient machines? The biggest fear is cost, and that’s where a subscription service can be beneficial.

The Laundrylux Laundry Equipment Subscription Service (LESS) can help you build or upgrade your guest laundry room by renting laundry equipment instead of purchasing it. Renting requires a minimal up-front investment and a relatively small, predictable monthly payment thereafter. A customized monthly subscription can provide your guest laundry with equipment, installation, service, maintenance, parts, and repair:

  • Simplified enrollment; everyone is approved without a financial background check
  • No out-of-pocket expenses to get started
  • Enjoy significant utility savings by using less water, gas and electricity
  • Customized program to meet each individual need
  • One low monthly payment places new equipment at your facility
  • Dedicated LESS Concierge is your single point of contact for support and service

A laundry equipment subscription service can ensure that your commercial laundry equipment is operational for the full term of your contract, protecting you from unexpected charges and providing peace of mind. You will never need to be concerned about equipment warranties or service contracts, and you can avoid inconveniencing your guests with unexpected downtime or malfunctioning equipment.

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2. Create a Welcoming Environment Your Guests Will Love

A guest laundry system with new, reliable machines helps to contribute to a clean, welcoming environment that improves the customer experience. Besides self-service washers and dryers, consider additional amenities like ironing equipment, tables for folding, a vending machine with soap and dryer sheets, and anything else a traveler may need so that they can do laundry without having to leave your hotel.

You could also offer premium hotel laundry services to drive additional revenue like laundry pickup and dry-cleaning.

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3. Improve Your Hotel’s On-Premise Laundry Facilities

The LESS program is not limited to guest laundry rooms; it can also be used to bring your hotel’s laundry in-house. The subscription service can be used to ensure that your on-premise laundry (OPL) is outfitted with high-quality, professional-grade equipment that requires no capital expenditure, maintenance, or service costs. Experience improved efficiency and turnaround time, increase productivity, lower utility costs, and prolong the life of your garments.

The LESS program allows hotel managers to bring laundry in without the capital expense, so if you are currently outsourcing your laundry, you may find it more affordable to bring it back in-house, hire new staff, and take advantage of the LESS program to procure Laundrylux equipment.

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Laundrylux is the exclusive North American distributor of Electrolux and Wascomat equipment, the best professional-grade laundry machines available today. To learn more about LESS, contact Laundrylux today.

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