Hospitality businesses come in many shapes and sizes, that’s why we provide a large range of On-Premises Laundry Equipment. Whether you need commercial laundry equipment for a large hotel or a smaller hospitality business like a motel or campsite, we have an Electrolux or Encore model to perfectly suit your needs.

Power, Efficiency, and Flexibility — Electrolux and Encore Commercial Equipment Is Built For All Types Of Hospitality Business

Electrolux Delivers Unbeatable Performance In Large Laundry Rooms

Electrolux Professional high-spin washers and energy-efficient dryers can transform large in-house laundry operations. Our large-capacity models are built for high performance with low water and energy use, helping you and your employees wash more linens per hour with unbeatable results and lower utility bills.

Up to 50% in water savings
Up to 25% in energy savings
Large capacity and Fast Cycles increase efficiency
Multi-language display
Soft-mount models can be installed on wood floors, upper levels, and over basements

Encore Semi-Professional Commercial Laundry For Businesses of All Sizes

Did you think your business was too small for commercial laundry equipment? Think again! Encore semi-professional laundry equipment gives small hospitality businesses like motels, B&Bs, and campsites the power to take laundry into their own hands.

Encore washers are built to last 15,000+ cycles — that’s 3 times longer than residential appliances and top-loader models, while their lower cost compared to full-size commercial models and easy-to-install design makes them perfect for smaller laundry operations.

15,000+ cycles — built to last 3 times longer than appliance and top-loader models
22lb large-capacity drum
Uses up to 60% less water compared to top-loader machines
Soft-mount design means Encore washers are easy to install
Advanced diagnostics and front-access make for simple maintenance and repairs

Does Your Hotel Offer Guest Laundry? Choose Encore Coin Washers.
Encore is perfect for hotel guest laundry rooms. With Encore, you can give your guests access to quality laundry equipment without worrying about regular repairs and equipment breakdown. Encore’s commercial components outlast appliance and top loader machines, translating into long-term savings for your business.

3 Tips To Get Your Hospitality Business Ready for Peak Tourist Season

Peak tourist season is approaching for hotels, motels, and campsites throughout the US and Canada — here are 3 tips to help get your laundry operation ready for the increased demand.

Carry Out Pre-Season Maintenance
Now is the best time to give your equipment a once-over. Why not have your local commercial laundry distributor send out a trained laundry technician to inspect and maintain your equipment? A simple fix now could save your business a major headache during peak season. Looking for laundry experts in your area? Contact Laundrylux today!

Always Use Authentic Replacement Parts
If your equipment needs to be repaired with a replacement part, it’s always best to choose authentic parts. Fake parts may damage your valuable equipment, jeopardize the energy-efficiency and safety of your machine, and could even void your warranty. Find Authentic Replacement Parts For Your Equipment.

Choose High-Efficiency Models For Best Return On Investment
If you are investing in commercial laundry equipment for the first time or if you are replacing older models, it is always best to choose water and energy efficient washers and dryers. Utility bills are the largest ongoing costs for on-premises laundry rooms, and energy efficient models deliver a much higher ROI over their lifecycle. Find Water and Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment.

Want to learn more about Electrolux and Encore Equipment? Contact Laundrylux for more details on Electrolux and Encore commercial laundry equipment for your business. Contact Laundrylux today!