5 Tips To Help Your Laundromat Win Spring Cleaning Season

Spring has sprung and all across North America people are pushing open windows, letting fresh air blow through their homes, and getting down to some spring cleaning. For laundromat owners that means new customers visiting your store to wash winter comforters and pillows. Others will bring their once-a-year items like drapes and throws. While nature-loving customers will be getting ready for summer by washing sleeping bags and picnic blankets.

1. Choose High Capacity Electrolux Washers

Your Spring cleaning customers come to your store each year to make use of larger washers than they have at home. Many bulky items like winter duvets can’t be washed in small capacity home appliances. By choosing high capacity Electrolux models like the 220-300G X-Series and 200G S-Series, you can deliver top quality results to your customers.

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…looking for something a little smaller? Electrolux S Series washers won’t let you down.

2. Choose High Capacity Dryers

Electrolux Professional dryers come in both single pocket and stacked configurations with many sizes and capacities. By mixing larger capacity dryers with some smaller dryers, you’ll be able to satisfy your spring customers and regular weekly customers alike. Of course, whatever size you choose, all of our dryers deliver excellent results with no overdrying along with energy savings for your store.

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3. Take Advantage of The Power Of Compass Pro

Compass Pro is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for Spring Cleaning Season. With Compass Pro — available on Electrolux Professional washers and dryers — you can easily create custom programs in minutes. Why not create a program for large comforters, another for drapes, and one for sleeping bags? Your customers will appreciate these tailor-made options.

Want to learn more? Watch this video on Electrolux’s Compass Pro technology.

4. Mix In Some High 450 G-Force Washers

Many customers with appliances at home still choose to come to their local laundromat for the time savings it provides. When you pair 450G H series washers with Electrolux Professional dryers, customers can get their weekly laundry washed and dried in under an hour— a great incentive to come back next week!

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5. Get Your Message Across With In-store Signs

Your spring cleaning customers will have a little time to look around your store while they wait for their cycle to finish, so why not give them some reading material? If you have high G-Force washers, put up a sign that tells them they can get laundry done in under an hour. Did you know that all Electrolux washers have Auto Saving technology? — let customers know that your machines save water. Is LaundryPay available in your store? — say it with a sign!

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