The Universal Washer: Industry Game-Changer Debuts at Clean Show 2019

At Clean Show 2019 in New Orleans, LA, a collaboration between Laundrylux and Electrolux has given rise to new technology that will drastically transform and disrupt the laundry industry as we know it. That game-changing new product is the Universal Washer, and it will provide a variety of breakthrough benefits to both the laundry owner and end customers.

Neal Milch Universal Washer Clean Show 2019

Neal Milch, Executive Chairman at Laundrylux who worked in collaboration with Electrolux to develop the washer, said,

“For the first time, a truly customer-centric product has been designed. If you win the hearts and minds of customers in the market, then you control the market and are competition-proof.”

Universal Washers allow customers to put any size load into a washer and be charged a price that correlates to their precise load – it’s precision laundry, with precision pricing.

Why The Universal Washer Will Disrupt the Laundry Industry

How does the Universal Washer work? Here is a quick explainer video to help you get an idea:

Universal Washer Benefits for Customers and Laundromats

1. Fair Pricing

Modern consumers have been shifting towards “pay as you go” models. This pricing model provides consumers a powerful sense of fairness by connecting the money they spend to the precise service received. We observe this shift across all industries, and now it’s coming to your local laundromat!

During one of his presentations at Clean Show, Neal Milch described a study conducted by Laundrylux on 200 laundromat customers of Wascomat, Dexter, Speed Queen, and Huebsch laundromats. After explaining the Universal Washer concept, only one customer said they would not switch: because her brother-in-law owned the store she was using!

“Customers want to be treated fairly, and customers care about what they spend. When they understood Universal Washers, they said ‘I would switch instantly to that store.'”

When asked why the majority of customers would switch, they heard stories about how dissatisfied people are with conventional stores.

For example, during peak weekend times, customers are sometimes forced to use larger washers for their small load and pay more because all smaller washers are being used. Or, customers bring in large loads wanting to use a large washer, but if the big machines are busy, they must spend more money and split their loads across more smaller washers.

“Customers want to pay for what they are actually processing. Universal Washers are so fundamentally fairer than always being forced to pay full price that they capture the market – more customers all the time is always more revenue. Unlike a traditional store which is typically 4, 5, or maybe 6 turns a day, a Universal Washer store can do 8, 9, 10, or more turns a day!”

2. Faster Wash and Dry

The Universal Washer is a 450 G-force high-speed extract machine, and when combined with ultra-efficient Electrolux commercial dryers customers can come in and get out of the store quickly. Laundromat owners are also able to increase their store’s capacity for customers without adding new machines, thanks to faster cycle times.

3. Cost Savings

With precision laundry technology, Universal Washers are highly energy and water-efficient. Water consumption is precisely calibrated to the actual load size. By only using resources necessary for the precise load, laundromat owners enjoy significant savings on utility costs.

Another huge benefit for store owners is that the Universal Washers cannot be overloaded. When the washer hits its load weight limit, it warns the user that it cannot start the load until some clothes are removed. This feature helps prevent unnecessary wear and leads customers to use an additional washer. That’s more revenue with fewer headaches.

“These are the stores that are going to maximize revenue, and for sure, they will dominate the market.”

4. Variable Pricing Offers A Competitive Advantage

The Universal Washer is a genuine game-changing technology in an industry that hasn’t seen much change in decades. Not only will Universal Washers stores be differentiated and stand out, but competitors can’t adjust their pricing to compete with the infinite possibilities of variable pricing technology. Universal Washers defeat all competition!

“I want to find locations where there is lots of laundry – tons of laundry to be done! And when I put in Universal Washers, I will take all the business away from competing stores. That’s the Universal Washer concept!”

Become an Early Adopter of the Universal Washer

Laundrylux has patented its unique technology and is the ONLY supplier you’ll be able to work with to get your hands on a Universal Washer.

If you are looking to differentiate your laundromat from the competition and become an early adopter of technology that will provide you an impactful competitive advantage, start by connecting with one of our experts to learn more.

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