Spas, Gyms, Salons – Encore Offers On-Site Semi-Professional Laundry Solutions

The humble white towel is the unsung hero of many small businesses throughout North America. This simple piece of cloth performs many functional roles — it mops, it drys, it protects. But your towels also send a message to your customers.

A plush, bright white towel tells your customers that they can relax; it tells them that they are in the hands of professionals; it tells them that your business provides a top-quality service, and they don’t need to think twice about their hygiene or comfort.

Even though towels play such an important role in small businesses, many owners believe they must choose between entrusting them to outside laundry services or laundering them on-site in sub-par residential washers and dryers. Luckily there is a better option — Encore by Wascomat.

Encore by Wascomat, The Future of Commercial Laundry, Designed And Built For Small Businesses Like Yours

Encore is the only model of its kind on the market today. Our washers and dryers are built with commercial-grade components but come in a size and at a price much closer to residential appliances.

But just because Encore may look like and be just as affordable as many residential machines, make no mistake, these washers and dryers mean business.

Encore is built to last nearly three times longer than residential models and top load washers, and with innovative technology, energy efficiency, and proven Wascomat reliability, Encore delivers optimal results every time.

Powerful Features & Benefits of Encore Commercial Laundry Equipment

  • 15,000+ cycle machine life design (tested at full load)
  • Extra-large load drum — 22 lb. capacity
  • Huge savings on water vs. top load washers
  • Superior over suds and unbalance tolerance
  • Professional 8-point suspension
  • Solid steel counterweights — no concrete
  • Top-quality SKF bearings in a heavy-duty cast iron housing
  • Front access for easy serviceability
  • Advanced diagnostics and service mode make troubleshooting and repairs quick and easy
  • High-speed extraction saves time and energy in the dryer
  • ADA Compliant and ENERGY STAR® Certified

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Download the Encore On-Premises Laundry Spec Sheet — Encore OPL Washer

From Dazzling to Defeated — Why Towels Yellow, Gray, and Fray

If plush, bright white towels send out many positive messages about your business, you can imagine what your customers think when presented with a greying, yellowing, course, or threadbare towel.

But how do towels go from dazzling to defeated? More often than not, the answer is excess dryer time.

Encore washers feature high-speed water extraction — this means your towels spend less time in the dryer and stay at their brilliant best for longer. Less time in the dryer also means lower energy bills — a double win for your business.

Economies of Scale — Why Businesses Choose To Launder Towels On-Site

Small businesses throughout North America send their laundry out to commercial laundries every day. These commercial laundries provide a valuable service and many, particularly those equipped with Electrolux Professional and Wascomat Commercial washers and dryers, deliver top-quality wash results.

So why do businesses choose to launder towels on-premises?

Many businesses including large hotels and restaurants choose to send out most of their items to commercial laundries but launder towels in-house, here’s why…

Towels are easy to launder

Items like uniforms, bedsheets, and tablecloths need to be pressed. This takes skill (time and money in staff training) and investment in specialized commercial laundry equipment. While these investments will likely pay off in the long run, many business owners choose to start their in-house laundry operation by exclusively washing their towels on-site.

Towels are cleaned most often and used in greatest numbers

Because businesses may use towels at a rate of one or two per customer, they go through many more towels than any other item. This volume makes a weekly or even twice weekly pick up service inefficient. If you can’t launder towels on-site, you’ll need to keep a much larger stock — requiring a large storage solution for towels (including soiled towels waiting for pickup). Higher stock and lower quality-control will also add up to more spending each year on replacing worn-out linens.

The Goldilocks Zone — Why Encore Is Just Right For Small Business Laundry

There are multiple benefits to bringing your laundry on-site, but many small businesses don’t operate at a scale to warrant the investment in commercial laundry equipment. However, home appliances and top load washers aren’t the answer either. These machines just aren’t built to stand up to commercial use.

Encore’s easy-to-install soft-mount design, rugged durability, energy savings, and attractive price tag make it the perfect choice for your small business.

Want to learn more about Encore Equipment? Contact Laundrylux for more details on Encore semi-professional laundry solutions for your business.