LaundryPulse Boosts Profits for All Types Of Laundromats

Would you like to increase your laundromat’s profits and obtain an advantage over your competitors, all while gaining more free time and increased flexibility in running your business? Introducing LaundryPulse, the revolutionary digital laundromat management system exclusively offered by Laundrylux. With LaundryPulse you can remotely manage your laundry store right from your laptop, and with powerful, yet easy to understand, statistical data just a click away, you’ll be sure to make the most informed business decisions.

In this article, we’ll look at three different types of laundromats and see how LaundryPulse can help each of them boost their profits.

The Self-Service Laundry

Owning a self-service laundromat is becoming popular amongst entrepreneurs who are seeking a profitable enterprise that affords them time to focus on other ventures. If you’re planning on opening a self-service store, LaundryPulse will allow you to stay connected to your business while you are away from your store.

Discover your slowest and busiest hours. View daily, weekly, and monthly reports to decide when you should introduce happy-hours and other pricing strategies. You can also check in with your business anytime to see which machines are in use.

Implement price changes and promotions. LaundryPulse lets you change wash prices right from your computer. You’ll no longer need to visit your store to implement a happy-hour promotion.

Receive alerts and notifications. With LaundryPulse notifications, you’ll know immediately if a machine needs service or is experiencing any issues.

The Multi-Store Business

Would you like to open another laundromat but worried about spreading yourself too thin? Or perhaps you are a multi-store owner looking to optimize your time. LaundryPulse enables you to manage each of your stores remotely, while its powerful statistical feedback helps you pinpoint your most successful strategies.

Keep in touch with each of your stores with unlimited site management. LaundryPulse allows you to access data on all of your stores. Everything you need to manage your multiple locations is right there on your laptop.

Track the success of pricing promotions. LaundryPulse lets you track the success of your pricing promotions and seamlessly implement them across all of your stores.

Save on maintenance. With individual data on each of your washers and dryers, you’ll know which machines are due for a service and which can wait.

The Fully-Staffed Laundromat

If you own a fully staffed laundromat, you may feel that you have no need for a digital laundromat management system. But, while you’re tending to your customers, LaundryPulse can work quietly in the background, gathering all the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Decide when to raise your prices and by how much. LaundryPulse combines many data points, such as equipment usage, competitor pricing, and store hours, to help you optimize your prices.

Know which machines are most profitable. Buying the right equipment is critical to the success of your business. With LaundryPulse you can easily see which machines make the most profit for your business.

Get a bird’s eye view. With extensive reports just a click away, you can see the overall trends in your business — see what’s working and discover areas of potential growth.

Laundromat Owners Guide To Increasing Profit

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