Laundrylux presents Wascomat and Electrolux at upcoming AAHOA show

Wascomat, the brand that first made it economically feasible to process laundry in-house, has a great reputation in the industry. It’s known industry-wide for superior products that are easy to use, durable, and long-lasting. In fact, there are 40 year old Wascomats still working today.

Now Laundrylux introduces the Electrolux Professional Laundry brand to the market as well.

Global leader Electrolux provides you with laundry solutions designed to save you money while increasing your productivity. You’ll immediately see increased flexibility, control, and cost-savings with Electrolux Professional washers, dryers, and ironers. Built to the highest standards, the machines have unique water and energy saving features such as:

Automatic Weighing System (AWS)
With each wash cycle, AWS automatically determines the weight of the load and adds precisely the right mount of water resulting in reduced water consumption and energy costs. You will save water consistently with every less-than-full load, which means lower gas consumption as well since less hot water will be used.

Dryers with Auto Stop
Prevents overdrying and wrinkles by automatically calculating the correct time to turn on and off the burner resulting in longer linen life and energy savings.

Compass Control
Let’s you dial in for precise control of important functions such as water levels, wash times and number of rinses – one knob does it all. Compass Control gives you the ultimate flexibility and precise processing of your laundry.

Reversing drum standard – and single phase
Electrolux dryers come standard with reversing drums single phase. No need to upgrade your service. Minimizes tangling and wrinkling and improves dryer efficiency.

Laundrylux also introduced Pronto™ to the market – Electrolux Professional’s combo washer/dryer. This all-in-one machine is a real time saver and uses half the space of a separate washer and dryer. Load the laundry one time, then go handle other tasks while the load is completely washed and dried in one machine in just over an hour.

Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux which distributes Wascomat® and Electrolux® Professional Laundry brands in North America through authorized dealers, is thrilled with the new product line. “To be able to introduce a brand to the market that has such instant consumer recognition and success is so exciting for all of us,” shares Neal. “Electrolux Professional offers products and technology that no other manufacturer comes close to.”

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