Laundrylux, Leading Experts in Commercial Laundry, Launches Redesigned Website

Laundrylux, the leading commercial laundry equipment and service provider in North America, is pleased to announce the launch of a new company website. 

With a streamlined look and feel, the site is representative of the forward-thinking and customer-focused direction the company is committed to. Users have access to educational content including informative articles, downloadable ebooks, case studies, and a host of other tools and resources designed to improve efficiency and profitability for laundry owners and operators.

“Laundrylux is very much a people-focused company, we understand that our customers trust us to help them succeed. We are enthusiastic about helping customers get the tools and support they need to thrive, beyond providing them with state-of-the-art equipment and financing,” says Laundrylux President Cody Milch. “Our new website provides quality content and information from industry experts with decades of experience.”

A family-owned operation spanning generations, Cody was promoted to President of Laundrylux in 2018. He follows in the footsteps of father Neal, the Chairman of the Board, and his grandfather, Bernard Milch, who founded Laundrylux in 1955.

For more about Laundrylux’s history, check out this video below:

With roots in the laundry business, the youngest Milch has big plans for where he wants to take Laundrylux next, starting with the new website. In addition to supplying superior laundry equipment, this new chapter conveys a service-oriented and solutions-focused approach, one offering laundromats assistance in areas such as marketing, financing, and education as well as a range of service for OPL, route operators, and multi-family customers. 

“In this new decade, we are focusing our efforts on helping our customers make smart buying and investment decisions. As industry-leading laundromat and on-premises laundry equipment providers, we believe that this is the way of the future,” says Milch. 

For more information about Laundrylux, contact our experts to learn how they can help meet your business goals.