New Communications System: Improving Laundrylux Customer Experience

Laundrylux recently completed a major upgrade to its communications systems to support Customer Care and business growth in North America. The new system is designed to enhance the customer experience with advanced technology and cutting-edge software capabilities. Laundrylux has partnered with telecommunications provider LightPath to provide dedicated fiber-optic Voice and Data circuits to a new ShoreTel voice system which is integrated with Laundrylux’s Epicor ERP software. ShoreTel is a leading provider of cloud, onsite, and hybrid business telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions.

The result is seamless data integration, faster responsiveness, higher data security, and greatly enhanced functionality for Laundrylux Sales, Customer Care, and management teams. ShoreTel vendor BrightStack, designed the system with Laundrylux’s IT team headed by Phillip Beissner. “This is the latest significant investment by Laundrylux management to support our business,” comments Beissner, “and once again, we have chosen state-of-the-art technology.”

“This investment will benefit our customers and distributors across North America,” according to Jessica Orenstein, Customer Care Director at Laundrylux. “We are now better able to manage call flows, call center queues, external assignments, and much more with seamless integration to cell phones, iPads, and our corporate Epicor software which runs the day-to-day business. Our customers will gradually notice the increased responsiveness and accuracy as we bring many features online.”

“We believe an advanced unified communications platform is one of the most critical aspects to providing best-in-class service,” said Phil Beissner, IT Director. “We know the new ShoreTel system will have a positive impact in terms of call clarity, faster response times, and better overall customer experience.”


Laundrylux is closely monitoring all updates provided by the CDC and other public health agencies following the recent coronavirus outbreak. The safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the community at large is our top priority in these critical times. Many major cities, counties, and states across the country have declared laundromats an “essential service” to ensure that communities have access to laundry facilities.

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