Interested in the Laundromat Business? Attend An Open House Event

If you are interested in starting a laundromat business, or if you’re already one of us, take note! Across the US and Canada, Electrolux authorized distributors are announcing the dates of their fall open house events. Whether your goal is to open more laundromats or your first one, attending a local event is one of the best things you can do to make your business dreams a reality.

Meet Your Local Experts

When opening a laundromat business, one of your most important relationships will be with your Electrolux authorized distributor. Distributors do more than simply provide and install your commercial laundry equipment. They are experts in the laundromat business, often with decades of experience in your local market — many distributors include current and former store owners amongst their staff. There is no better resource for future laundromat owners than local distributors, and at open house events, they will be excited to talk about your plans to enter the laundromat industry.

Talk To Store Owners

Want to know what the day-to-day reality of running a laundromat is like? Talk to the people who know best. In our experience, laundromat owners are friendly, approachable, and passionate about the coin laundry business. You’ll find that most owners will be happy to share their journey with you and share feedback on your ideas — as long as you don’t want to open a store next door to theirs!

Discover Business Models That Succeed in Your Area

Demographics are an important factor when it comes to determining the type of business that will work in each neighborhood. Across the US and Canada, there is a general trend towards larger stores with lots of high capacity washers and dryers. But is this true of your location? Maybe smaller, unattended stores are more profitable where you live? Your local distributors and store owners understand how demographics determine what type of store will succeed, and open house events are one of the only times you can meet all of these experts in one place.

See Electrolux Professional Coin Equipment Up Close

Electrolux Professional washers and dryers are built for excellent results and low energy and water consumption. Our equipment helps keep running costs in check — a must if you are to build a profitable laundromat business. These washers and dryers will be your most important investment, and you can get a hands-on tour at your local distributor’s open house event. You’ll see the different sizes and models available, learn the benefits of high spin washers, and discover why many owners are opting for high-capacity washers and dryers. Distributors may also give demonstrations on programming equipment for optimum efficiency, installation instructions, and simple solutions for some of the most common repairs.

Learn About Financing and Marketing Solutions From Laundrylux

When you decide to open an Electrolux equipped laundromat, you’ll gain access to financing solutions from Laundrylux Funding Services (LFS) and marketing solutions from Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS). You can learn all about the benefits of LFS and LCS at our authorized distributors’ open house events.

★ Open House Events Are For Current Owners Too!

Open house events are not just for new investors, in fact, they are the perfect event for current owners who are interested in retooling their store. You’ll discover the best models for your store and learn which washers and dryers are most profitable for your fellow laundromat owners. And of course, the financing solutions from LFS and marketing services from LCS are available to you as well.