How To Choose The Best Coin Dryers For Your Laundromat Business

How to Start a Laundromat Business: Part 5

Our How to Start a Laundromat Series is a collection of introductory blog posts for entrepreneurs interested in opening a laundromat. In this post, we’ll examine the factors that go into choosing coin dryers for your store and the benefits of Electrolux Professional coin dryers.

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Laundromat 101: Maximize Customer Turnover, Minimize Running Costs

To run a profitable laundromat, you want to maximize your customers’ satisfaction (and customer turnover at peak times) by providing great results as fast as possible. You’ll also know that to keep running costs down, you’ll need to look for equipment that is water and energy-efficient — since water, sewer, and energy bills will be the running costs that most heavily eat into your profits.

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High Spin Washers Make Drying Faster And More Energy Efficient

Drying garments is essentially removing water, and this process starts in the spin cycle of your washers. High spin washers remove more water from clothes — this cuts drying times for customers and helps reduce your energy bills.

So to get the most from your commercial dryers, and to help customers get their laundry done in under an hour, you should consider equipping your store with high G-force washers.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Coin Dryer For Your Laundromat

When choosing coin dryers for your laundromat, your main considerations are speed, capacity, and energy efficiency. We’ll explore each of these factors below, but for in-depth advice and solutions tailored to your store, why not contact the experts at Laundrylux?

Coin Dryer Speed

Most laundromat’s experience peak hours in the evenings and on weekends with slower hours during the traditional 9-5 work day. One of the keys to maximizing your store’s profits is maximizing customer turnover during peak hours. Pairing high spin washers with fast-drying Electrolux Professional dryers, your store can serve more satisfied customers during peak times.

Electrolux Professional dryers have many technology features designed to help laundromat businesses increase profits. One feature that helps our dryers deliver fast results is our Reversing Dryer Cylinder.

Reversing Dryer Cylinder

With Electrolux reversing cylinder technology, garments don’t tangle. This means they dry faster using less energy. Garments will also dry more uniformly for superior results with no wet spots.

Coin Dryer Capacity

Related to speed is capacity. Many working people visit laundromats for the high capacity of their machines. They can do their family’s weekly laundry in one go at the laundromat, saving them precious time.

Of course, like everyone else, these customers are most likely to visit your store at peak times. Electrolux Professional dryers come in capacities up to 83lbs. These large dryers help your customers get in and out of your store fast, leaving them satisfied — plus freeing up parking spaces and folding tables isn’t so bad either!

Stacked vs. Single Pocket Dryer
Electrolux Professional dryers come in stacked or single pocket configurations. Many laundromats with limited floor space (such as those in busy city locations) favor stacked models, as they can double the productivity of the store.

However, single pocket models have a higher capacity per machine. Most store owners will choose a mix of both stacked and single-pocket models. Remember to talk to a Laundrylux expert to help choose the right mix for your store.

Coin Dryer Energy-Efficiency

One of the most important challenges a laundromat owner faces is how to control overheads. Successful store owners understand that keeping utilities to a minimum is paramount, and along with water and sewer, energy bills are the biggest profit-eaters for coin laundry businesses.

Thankfully, Electrolux Professional dryers can help you gain up to 25% in energy savings thanks to axial airflow, tight construction, and reversing cylinders. And your business could save an extra 15% thanks to Eco Power technology.

Eco Power
Eco Power automatically lowers the temperature of the dryer as soon as the garments are dry. The dryer keeps turning to reduced wrinkles but the lower temperature helps save your store up to 15% in energy consumption.

Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs in a Hurry

★ Successful store owners are always seeking to increase customer turnover at peak times.
★ Electrolux Professional dryers are designed for speed and great results —customers leave satisfied and free up space for your next customer.
★ Dryers come in stacked or single-pocket models. Laundrylux’s experts can help select the right mix for your store.
★ Electrolux Professional dryers can help your store save up to 40% in energy consumption.

Are you ready to start your laundromat business? Laundrylux has been helping people open and operate laundromats for over 60 years. We know that every store is different. Your neighborhood demographics, square footage, and your mix of washers should all be considered when deciding on the right mix of coin dryers. For a solution tailored to your laundromat, contact Laundrylux today!

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