Hygiene Matters: Healthcare Laundry Facilities Choose Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers

Hospitals, care homes, medical clinics, and commercial laundry operations serving the healthcare industry rely on Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers to prevent the spread of infections and ensure the highest hygiene standards for both patients and staff.

Excellence, When Hygiene Really Matters

Linen hygiene is important in all industries that rely on commercial laundry equipment, but for hospitals and other healthcare institutions, it is essential. There is a big difference between linens that look clean and those that are hygienically clean. Together with the correct practices for gathering and handling linens, Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers help healthcare in-house laundry operations achieve the highest hygiene standards.

Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers: Ergonomic, Economic, Hygienic

Maximum Hygiene With Total Separation Of Clean And Dirty Linens

To guarantee the highest hygiene standards, hospital on-premises laundry operations divide their laundry rooms into a dirty zone — where laundry is collected and sorted — and a clean zone — where clean laundry is dried, ironed and stored. With Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers, dirty linens are loaded in the front, and clean linens are taken out from the back. This ensures that clean and dirty linens never mix in the laundry room.

Watch an Electrolux Professional Barrier Washer in Action

Electrolux Hygiene Watchdog Guards Against Human Error

Hygiene Watchdog (HW) technology, unique from Electrolux, makes sure that the wash program is complete before allowing laundry to be unloaded on the clean side of the laundry room. HW removes the possibility of human error that might allow contaminants to cross into the clean zone.

Pullman Design Boosts Productivity

Thanks to the high-productivity Pullman design, Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers help in-house laundries process more laundry per day, lowering staff costs and requiring a lower supply of linens.

Detergent, Water, and Energy Savings

The Electrolux SmartDosing System (external to the washer) dispenses the right volume of detergent for each load, helping laundries to save up to 20% on detergent costs and produce superior wash results.

Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers also help keep in-house laundry running costs down with water-saving and energy-saving technologies.

Ergonomic Design For Safe Operation

With an efficient loading and unloading system, large ERGO doors, and pneumatic opening, Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers are ergonomically designed to guarantee easy and safe operation.

Full Control With Certus Management® Information System

Certus Management® Information System allows you to check that your Electrolux Professional laundry is running optimally and maintaining high standards for both hygiene and cost-efficiency.

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