Gary Brown promoted to VP of Engineering and Product Development – and new employee hired to manage technical support department.

We are pleased to announce that Gary Brown has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering & Product Development. Gary has been with the company since 1994 and has continuously taken on new challenges and responsibilities. He has supervised facility maintenance, technical support, and spare parts – and Gary was key to the successful development of Crossover products.

Gary is the factory liaison on technical matters, dealing with factory support personnel, product line management, and R&D.  “Gary’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to this company have made him invaluable to our success,” shares Neal Milch, CEO.

“As the products we merchandise increase in their complexity including sophisticated software systems, Gary’s insight, systematic approach, and ability to see the big picture will be essential to our collaboration with Electrolux. Therefore, Gary needs to devote more of his time to high-level engineering and product development activities.”

Congratulations, Gary!

We have also hired a new employee to manage the technical support area.  Please welcome Ron Gould, Director of Training & Technical Support.  Ron joins us from BMW where he supervised customer care and technical support activities.  We are confident Ron will successfully drive new efficiencies and innovations, leveraging the Epicore platform and his years of experience. Ron starts Monday, April 1st.


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