Laundromat Marketing Support: Laundrylux Creative Services

When it comes to laundromat marketing support in the US and Canada, no one comes close to Laundrylux. From in-store signage and grand-opening promotion to online marketing support and website packages, we are here to help you promote your coin laundry business.

While we are proud to provide North American businesses with the very best Electrolux Professional washers and dryers, we don’t stop there. Our goal at Laundrylux is to help our coin laundry customers build thriving businesses. That’s why we offer a range of laundry services to laundromat owners and why we created Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS) — an entire department dedicated to meeting the marketing needs of laundromat owners.

Benefits Of Partnering With The Laundromat Marketing Experts

A well-executed marketing strategy can help your business grow a base of loyal, returning customers, and at LCS we know what it takes to promote your laundromat. We can help you get off on the right foot with our in-store sign kits and grand opening support. We’ll continue to support you with ad templates and direct mail campaigns. And we can also support your online marketing efforts through our exclusive laundromat website program and social media campaigns.

What LCS Can Do For Our Coin Laundry Customers

✓ Interior & Exterior Signage Design
✓ Store Layout Plans
✓ Direct Mail Campaigns
✓ Business Card Design

One More Reason To Choose Electrolux

There are many reasons to fully equip your laundromat with Electrolux Professional washers and dryers. With high performance, easy-to-use design, water, and energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability, Electrolux Professional commercial laundry equipment is designed to help store owners build profits year after year. And if you are opening a new store, by choosing Electrolux equipment, you can unlock a whole host of free Laundrylux marketing services to help launch your new venture.

For New Electrolux-equipped Stores, Laundrylux Provides…
✓ FREE Electrolux in-store sign kit
✓ FREE in-store instructions signs
✓ FREE grand opening support

Get Online With Our Exclusive Laundromat Website Program

Because we believe in the benefits of online marketing, Laundrylux gives our store owners the opportunity to launch their own website. Through our laundromat website program, you can get a responsive site that is optimized to help your customers discover your business online.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include…

✓ Logo Design
✓ Social Media Campaigns
✓ Website Design
✓ Assistance With Google Business Tools

Thinking of Retooling? We’re Confident You’ll Prefer Our Marketing Support!

By retooling with Electrolux high-spin washers, you can transform your store from struggling to thriving. Our Electrolux Professional equipment can help you drastically reduce your water, sewer, and energy bills while providing better results to your customers in less time.

So if your current commercial laundry supplier doesn’t provide you with all the marketing tools above, maybe it’s time for a switch. You’ll get the best profit-boosting laundry equipment with industry-best marketing support.

Need help marketing your store? Contact our dedicated marketing team at Laundrylux Creative Services. Email or call 1 (800) 645-2205.