Employee Spotlight: Maria Brown

Q. What do you do at Laundrylux?
I am the Marketing Specialist for the Sales Enablement department, I get to support the team on a variety of projects including, but not limited, to project management, website creations, logo creations, newsletter management, social media support, event planning and budgeting!

Q. What do you love about working at Laundrylux and/or the laundry industry?
I love working for a company where our voices matter and that we have the opportunity to speak up and be ourselves. It is also inspiring to work in a company that is driven by family!

Q. What do you see as important trends within the industry or within your field?
I see that women are getting involved in male dominant industries, and I feel very lucky and happy to be a part of the change, and a woman in Laundry!

Q. What would you say to other women looking to get into the industry or your field?
Don’t be scared to get into an industry you know nothing about, there is always room to grow, to learn and to get involved.

Q. What is your perfect vacation day?
A perfect vacation day would be to be surrounded by family, in the cold or hot weather, being adventurous outside maybe hanging at the beach or hiking, reading a good book, and having a great meal together!

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This Employee Spotlight is part of Laundrylux’s Women’s Initiative. Laundrylux is focused on building a better workplace for women, supporting each other, and being heard.