Electrolux Professional introduces a new generation of dryers

Electrolux Professional’s new range of dryers, the T5000-series, is developed with quality, user-friendliness and efficiency in mind.

Electrolux’s new dryers are designed to cut time in the drying process while still achieving the best results. After much analysis and testing, the three new high tech Electrolux T5000-series dryers — available in 35, 67, and 83 lb. capacities — have proven to provide extensive savings in time, cost, and space.

The drying time is being shortened by 10 minutes in average, compared to previous generations of similar models, while at the same time cutting the energy consumption with up to 20%. The dryers take up less wall space making it possible for the user to optimize the production area with up to 20%. Attention has also been put into the ergonomic design, producing magnetic door catches, repositioned lint filter systems and hatches that are amongst the largest on the market.

The T5000 series is engineered for long-life, reliability, fast drying, and low energy consumption.

New Compass Pro control

  • Eco Button – Saves 10% more energy than a regular cycle
  • Care Button – Gives a better finish to the linen
  • Speed – Gives the shortest possible cycle
  • Easy program selection
  • Easy access with user-friendly interface
  • Language selection
  • Service program for adjustment of parameters

Features and Benefits

  • Axial airflow and tight construction for extremely low energy consumption.
  • AutoStop technology for additional energy savings – puts machine in cool down when laundry is dry, then stops after cycle is complete.
  • Reversing drums are standard! With reversing, garments don’t tangle therefore they dry more quickly using less energy.
  • Residual Moisture Control (option) – RMC prevents damage to garments caused by overdrying and reduces lint and wrinkles
    by automatically stopping the dryer when the exact pre-set moisture level is reached.

Maintenance and Serviceability
Maintenance is crucial to the well functioning of every machine. Being able to use it effortlessly brings added value. In regards of maintenance and service the new series features:

  • Support rollers at the front
  • Exhaust on the top (optional): easy installation and serviceability
  • Handle on the back plate: easy removal for service
  • Two motors as standard: reliability (fan and drum motor)
  • Single phase drum reversing (standard feature): low demanding utilities needs

Electrolux Professional on-premise dryers are also available in 30×30 and 45×45 stack, 100 lb., and 135 lb. capacities.


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