Electrolux Automatic Savings and Smart Dosing for huge laundry savings

Check out our latest video on Electrolux Automatic Savings and Smart Dosing — and learn how Electrolux Professional Laundry’s innovative washing machine technology can lower your energy, detergent, and water consumption by up to 50% – automatically.

Electrolux Automatic Savings (AS) and Smart Dosing (SD) washing machine technologies deliver the most energy-efficient and cost-effective laundry solutions on the market.

Automatic Savings determines the exact weight of the load and adds precisely the correct amount of water for best results. Other brands of washing machines just fill the water to the same level, no matter how much laundry is in the machine. And, since it is estimated that up to 70% of laundry is under-loaded – that wastes a tremendous amount of water, energy, and money. With AS you’ll see water savings up to 50%, as well as energy savings because there’s less water to heat.

Electrolux Automatic Savings and Smart Dosing technologies reduce your laundry running costs by up to 50%.

Electrolux Automatic Savings and Smart Dosing technologies reduce your laundry running costs by up to 50%.

When you combine Electrolux Automatic Savings with Smart Dosing – you save even more. Automatic Savings works seamlessly and automatically with Electrolux’s Smart Dosing technology to calculate the appropriate amount of detergent needed for best wash results. You’ll save money on chemicals of course, but in addition – you will benefit from longer linen life and softer, cleaner linens and towels.

Some features and benefits unique to Electrolux Professional washing machines include:

  • Lower running costs by up to 50% with Automatic Savings and Smart Dosing technology – exclusive to Electrolux
  • Conserve precious resources and run a “green” eco-friendly laundry
  • Eliminate user error and make your own custom programs with Compass Pro
  • Access detailed reports including user statistics, diagnostics, and more.
  • Save thousands of gallons of water each year in dead water alone. Learn more by watching our – Electrolux and Wascomat Drain Valve vs. Competition video
  • PowerBalance for longer machine life and optimum water extraction
  • Heavy-duty construction, built to take the abuse of a laundry environment

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