Crossover® Washer Cee Tier 3 qualified for greatest energy savings

Crossover by Wascomat is CEE Tier III qualified for the highest level of energy efficiency.  There are three levels of CEE tiers, with the highest number (III) being the best for energy efficiency.  CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) is a non-profit public benefits corporation that works to develop initiatives for its members (including U.S. and Canadian energy offices, utilities, research and environmental groups) to promote the manufacture and purchase of energy efficient products and services.

Crossover, the world’s first and only commercial-standard small chassis washer, was introduced in June 2011 after four years of intensive development. Crossover products include a 22+ lb. stand-alone washer, dryer and stacked washer & dryer combo, all engineered specifically for the demanding laundry environment.  Metered and non-metered machines available. Crossover is built to last 15,000+ cycles – more than double the life of appliance type front loaders and top loaders.

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Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux, states, “The Crossover washer is a new class of washing machine that never existed before. Crossover is superior in every way to other small chassis washers on the market.  It’s in a class by itself. The Crossover washer has a 15,000 cycle machine life design, professional grade 8-point suspension system, 3 seals with heavy-duty SKF bearing assembly, and 300G high-speed extraction.

We also made sure it would finish each cycle – it doesn’t over-suds and it stays in balance. It’s perfect for route operators, small OPL operations, and coin laundries. It’s also a great compliment to our popular large capacity brands, Electrolux and Wascomat, since distributors today require a comprehensive portfolio of professional and commercial products to meet the demands of all market segments.”

“The positive response we’ve received since introducing Crossover has been tremendous,” says industry veteran and Laundrylux President Howard Herman. “Energy Star and CEE Tier III qualified, as well as ADA compliant, Crossovers are reliable, durable, and customers love them. After our laundromat owners try them, they come back and buy more. “

Kim Shady, Senior VP, OPL Sales for Laundrylux, couldn’t agree more. “Crossover is perfect for vended and non-vended applications. I am extremely impressed with its performance and energy efficiency. The Crossover’s semi-professional design bridges the quality gap left by household designs, while keeping the price below commercial style washers.  A perfect combination for smaller properties (with a household budget!) requiring professional washing results.”

“The demand for Crossovers has been incredible and rave reviews keep pouring in,” shares Laundrylux COO John Sabino. “Crossover is heavy duty, reliable, and easy to use.  The extra large door makes it easy to load and unload.  It lives up to its reputation and our customers are extremely happy with them. Crossover keeps their businesses up and running.”

To learn more about Crossover, please contact Laundrylux.

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